It's Time To Cancel YNAB

You Need A Budget or YNAB is a budgeting tool I came to know about back in 2019. After plenty of trials, I decided to subscribe in 2020 for USD 84 per year. My personal finance was sort of a mess. I was scouring the Internet for budgeting tool that's easy, available on the web and cross-platform. YNAB checked every criterion that I was looking for. I fell in love with the app.

Even though the app did very little for non-US customers (like automatic bank transaction sync), I was more than happy to pay the full amount.

Honestly, YNAB taught me how to budget my income and plan my true expenses.

In 2020, I had to make an emergency trip to Tamil Nadu, India. YNAB helped me to pool in the monies from different categories without any hesitation. Thanks to YNAB, I had saved up enough cash buffer to handle the emergency situation.

Today, I woke up to a pop-up stating YNAB has increased their price to nearly USD 100 per year from December 1, 2021. I was not happy at all. I wanted to get a feel for what Reddit & YNAB Forum thought about this price increase. They were fuming. My price increase was around 18%. Legacy customers grandfathered at USD 45 per year saw their price increase around 100%. These folks went crazy!

What really frustrated me more than the price increase; is how this entire debacle is being handled by the YNAB management and its founder Jesse Mecham. There is radio silence from the YNAB founder or the app's corporate team. They are not even responding to customer grievances on their official support forum.

All I wanted to say is, I'm happy to pay for services that I really love. But, YNAB is offering very little to its non-US customers and expects us to be OK with the price increase. It is wrong and they are just taking the mickey. At the moment, I'm indifferent to YNAB. I will not be renewing my subscription. It's time to explore alternatives. Bye YNAB!


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