Listing the absolute/full path of files is a pain in the butt when you do it multiple times in an hour.

I don't know why this did not work.

alias ls1="ls -1d $PWD/*"

But this works.

ls1 () {
    ls -1d $PWD/*


ls – list -1 – one column -d – list only files/dir only. I don't know why d lists files also in this case. $PWD/* – append $PWD to all files * (this will give full/absolute paths with respect to $PWD)

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Normal Mode / Visual Mode:

Pasting from system clipboard: "+p Copy to system clipboard: "+y

Insert Mode:

Pasting from system clipboard: <C-r>+

More info here: https://vim.fandom.com/wiki/Copy,_cut_and_paste

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Linux: Better way to cd into a directory

Write a function for cd

cd () {
    builtin cd $1;
    ls --color=auto -1Ah --color=auto

If you are anything like me and want to instantly ls after cd, this will save you some keystrokes. clear and pwd are optional.

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