Awesome apps for people in school

Here's some of my favorite apps that help me keep my sanity during the school day.

My Study Life

Is it just me, or am I the only one that hates using my agenda to write down assignments? That’s why I use My Study Life 20 times a day. Every time I get a HW assignment I put it down in the app so I never forget a due date. They have an app on almost every phone and even a website for when you can’t use your phone at school. As a bonus, it even keeps track of your school schedule, so if I get one of those “What class do I have” moments, I just open the app.


Next up is PhotoMath. I’m sure you probably already have this app, but if ever just look at your math homework and go “Yeah, that’s not gonna happen”, just scan your math problem and it will give you a step by step solution so you can actually understand the math problem. I even use it to check over my math to make sure I got everything right. It’s a huge help for my math classes. But seriously, don’t use it to cheat though.


A lot of people know Quizlet, but this has been a lifesaver for me. Studying for tests and quizzes is a breeze with this app. I just enter terms and their definitions and I can learn using unique study tools and even competitive games. It makes studying for tests not something to be sad about, and a breeze. Even if you don’t feel like typing all of that stuff in, chances are that someone already made one that you can use.


Socratic is a lot like Photomath, but for actual questions! I use this sometimes for social studies when I really just have a blank and can’t remember a certain term. All you do is scan the question and Socratic pulls articles, videos, and definitons from a ton of websites, so you not only get the answer to question but a lot of resources to look at.


This scenario is all too common for me, I go into to study and get homework done. I’ll be really productive I think, but then 5 minutes later I’m on my phone looking at Instagram… this is why I started using Forest. You plant an imaginary tree, and if you open distracting apps, your tree dies! So don’t do anything bad, because then you’ll be a tree killer! But really, the point of the app is so that you stay focused and get stuff done. Forest is the only exception to the free thing: it costs $2 on iOS but it is free on Android and Chrome.

Snow Day Calculator

If you're fortunate enough to live in an area that gets heavy snow, like I am, you can get that unexpected and awesome snow day! This site is liked by teachers and students alike, as it tells you the chance of getting one.

Well, I hope this helps! These apps have been lifesavers for me, so hopefully you can use these to your advantage.