Routeshuffle has been going great. Getting way more paid subscribers than I ever thought I would, and a simple side project I made for myself originally has grown to be so much more. The launch in late February went well, where it was well received on Product Hunt and on /r/entrepreneur on Reddit.

So much so that a representative from Google reached out to me wondering if I wanted to join one of their startup marketing programs, where they would have paid for and managed Adsense ads for me. It was very funny, I don't think she realized I was a teenager who was just building a side project, and that this wasn't an actual startup. I also got featured on Lifehacker Japan, which surprisingly gave me more pro subscribers than the Product Hunt launch did, and my site isn't in Japanese, or until today didn't even 100% support Japanese addresses.

I also have a new idea I'm working on, too. It's a tool for podcasters, and I'm really excited for it. It takes the hassle out of a common problem, and as far as I know only one podcasting host provides currently. With this tool, any existing podcast can now do this “thing”. Very secretive stuff :)