Coil Skeptics: Jumping the Hurdles

When Coil opened it’s doors to all users in May, I decided that I wanted to take some time to figure out the platform and test it’s longevity before promoting it to my followers on other platforms. 6 months later I am now openly sharing my tangible results on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. I have absolutely fallen in love with Coil and I talk about it to everyone. I think that the number one way of helping a new platform grow is by spreading the word and allowing for lot’s of questions and skepticism. For example, if you mention how much money you’ve made on Coil but the person you’re talking to questions it, but you get defensive- they’re going to be suspicious. If it was an open, legal, workable, scalable platform and source of income, you wouldn’t get defensive and you’d be open to answering all questions. I only bring this up because in this day and age when we are constantly being inundated with multi-level marketing, the “next big thing” and offers that will supposedly “make us millions”, we need to be ready to explain the technology and help people understand that the world is changing and this is legitimate.

Why is this important?

Why should we be sharing our sacred platform with others?

A few reasons.

We need to scale the platform and the only way to do that is by getting new users. Coil is doing their part by working to partner with other social platforms and companies to enroll new subscribers. So where do we come in? The number one way to sell things in 2019 is by word of mouth. We trust the people we know and we love real-life success stories. That’s why so many people have been able to be successful in multi-level marketing. The same concept applies with Coil and Cinnamon. Let me lay it all out for you.

The big picture is that eventually Coil and Cinnamon subscriptions and the web-monetization technology will be everywhere on the internet. Ads will be a way of the past and everyone will automatically have subscriptions built into their internet bills and we will all be supporting each other just by ingesting content. But how will we get to that point? By making some noise and by getting people in the right channels of power. These channels and this technology has to gain popularity in order to make it relevant to the larger channels that are already being used. In order for something to become popular, people need to be talking about, explaining, displaying and in a sense, advertising the platforms to their current followers. This will help to expand the network, increase its popularity and will allow for quick, scaled growth.

How does this effect you as an individual? The more users on the platform, the more money that you have the potential to make, assuming you are creating amazing, high quality content. As long as you are creating good content and there is a continual stream of subscribers flowing into the platform, there will be money made. As I’ve stated before, Coil’s boost program is temporary. It is not going to be the norm. It is a temporary supplement for the lack of traffic. That right there should be motivation enough to be sharing the platform and working on bringing in new users and new creators! Don’t get comfortable in the temporary.

So how are you going to go about helping to bring in traffic? It’s all about converting your current followers and fans into Coil followers and fans. This not only benefits your status on Coil but the status of the platform in its entirety.

Now let me get something straight, advertising Coil does not mean going on Twitter and tweeting “JOIN COIL NOW! YOU’RE MISSING OUT!” or “I love Coil! It makes me money!”. People will roll their eyes and keep on scrolling. First of all you need to keep in mind that this is another form of business and you need to be professional and intentional with how you share your work. Second, when you are advertising for a company or a platform you are in a sense, representing them to your audience. Coil is a classy and intelligent platform- so stay classy and intelligent.

I feel like I’m starting to beat a dead horse at this point, I’ve gotten my point across: you need to be sharing Coil and Cinnamon on your current platforms.


Like I talked about in my “5 Mistakes You’re Making on Coil” there is a four step process that I use to share Coil & Cinnamon on my other social platforms.

Without this process I would not be able to properly explain the platform or convince them that this is the next big thing. This is honestly because there are hurdles that one must jump over before they will be convinced that this platform is good for them. For some you will be lucky because they will have already been so frustrated with certain things that they will simply be glad that you have a solution to their problems. For others you will have to be doing some major convincing. Thankfully, with a system like this, once you create or use the materials that I’ve created, you will be 90% there. All you have to do is post consistently, offer to answer questions and follow up when they do have questions or when they want to join. Plus, by positioning yourself as an “expert” or at least “knowledgeable” on the subject of Coil and Cinnamon, you will naturally acquire influence on the platforms as new subscribers from your follower pool roll in. This is called organic growth and becoming an influencer organically.

1. This is a brand new platform, why should I add another platform to my long list of daily platforms I already use?

2. Aren’t ads good? Don’t they pay out the companies and people involved?

3. There is no way Coil and Cinnamon could ever out perform platforms like YouTube, Facebook and Instagram- I’m not interested in being part of a platform that is sure to fail.

4. I don’t understand the technology, it’s confusing and I don’t see how it works.

5. How do Coil & Cinnamon get paid? That’s not sustainable.

6. How does $5 a month really pay out all of the creators? If they were actually good wouldn’t YouTube & other companies be paying them?

7. Why should I pay $5 when YouTube, Instagram and Facebook and TikTok are free? Blogs are free? Why would I pay for them?

8. I don’t want to download another browser or download a plug in. That’s a lot of work and I use my phone majority of the time, this doesn’t seem very user friendly.

9. Ya, you made money, but this sounds like a pyramid scheme (everyone loves using this term nowadays) I’m obviously not going to make money. You’re probably getting paid to talk about this.

10. They don’t have apps? Not interested.

11. Who are these creators? I don’t even know any of them. Pass.

12. I went to sign up for accounts but I don’t understand why I can’t get paid through like PayPal or direct deposit? What’s with all this XRP stuff and why haven’t I heard of the one option that’s in USD?

13. Why can’t I send my friends Cinnamon videos without them having a subscription? Why can’t I embed Cinnamon videos where they actually pop up? Using YouTube, even on Coil seems so much easier.

Now that I’ve gotten some of the most common hurdles out of the way I’d like to provide some insight before I give you my answers to these questions and doubts.

These questions, concerns and doubts are all 100% valid and if you are to meet these, which it’s almost guaranteed, do not get defensive. That is the fastest way to lose someone who is somewhat interested.

Realize that not everyone is going to understand how these platforms work and unfortunately they are going to miss out because they weren’t open minded.

Like I said in my article about things taking time, not everyone is going to jump on board immediately, especially when there are inconveniences. These are valid inconveniences and until they are fixed, we probably will have a bit of a hard time getting skeptics on board. With that being said, think about how many updates and changes and improvements have been made to all of our favorite platforms- it’s not going to happen overnight and eventually these fixes will be made and our experiences on the platforms will be even better.

People hate new technology. They don’t like it when they don’t immediately understand something and there will always be skeptics and naysayers who don’t join until years later after everyone forgets about how they made a scene. When you encounter these people, don’t fight back, simply present facts and go on your way.

Now that I’ve gotten that out of the way we can talk about how to combat these answers and more importantly, how to answer these questions BEFORE they even ask them.

*I’m going to answer these questions below,* but I want you to think about how you can answer these questions in your informational materials you put out there before you are even asked. This could be through graphics you post on your feed or story, a self-made Q+A video you create or a blog post such as this one that you share with your followers. By pre-answering questions you will make your followers feel like you’re specifically looking out for them and that you’ve thought of everything. This automatically provides a sense of security and cuts down on the length of 1:1 conversations you’ll be having with people to convert them from followers on one channel to followers on multiple channels aka: Coil & Cinnamon.

Keep in mind, a consumer needs to see this vocabulary and your advertising materials and proof of the platforms working often. On average it takes a consumer 7 times of seeing something before they make the decision to take action or not. The likelihood of a consumer taking action after the 7th time of seeing something decreases significantly if they have not already taken some sort of action to engage, ask questions or actually join. That is why a CTA at the end of your posts or a question box on Facebook and Instagram stories is a great thing to have! This gives your potential consumer the least amount of work possible and increases your chances that they will actually ask a question or engage with what you’re saying.

By putting a CTA you are also giving people the comfort that you’re open to answering questions, citing sources and that is 100% legitimate and you’re not hiding anything. Also keep in mind, that as you answer these questions, whether before hand, in messages, or live, you need to handle them with class, grace, dignity and understanding that this BRAND NEW technology and that it’s going to take people awhile to understand it. With that in mind, you’ll notice that as I answer these questions I am affirming people and their fears/doubts/mis-understandings. Honestly, a lot of the doubts and fears are valid so if you validate them, they’re already going to feel understand be much more open to hearing and trying to understand what you have to say.

Alrighty, let’s answer these questions.

A: Yes it is a new platform and that’s exactly why you should start using it! It’s actually really great because it’s not an app yet, you won’t find yourself on it all day long and you’ll get really great content to experience because it’s still small. It’s easy to find new creators and there are a ton of hidden gems already. Honestly, because it’s new is WHY you should be on it! It’s not so new that it hasn’t been tested- in fact, it went through and invite-only beta test and now it’s in public beta testing. I’ve been using it for “X” amount of months and I love it because “x,y,z” and I prefer using it over “x” because “x”. I like to think of it as YouTube or Facebook or Instagram in their first years of business. Now they’re huge and people who were on them early are doing amazing, I don’t see why Coil or Cinnamon won’t be just like them too!

*note: fill in your personal answers based off of your experience and the market you are involved in. This helps to improve the authenticity of answering this questions and allow for a personal touch. People want YOUR experience, not a copy & paste.*

A: That used to be the mindset, but in the past 10 years consumerism and the ads that have come with it are getting out of control. Billboards, commercials, influencers, MLM’s- it’s all marketing, all the time. We can’t even go on social media without being bombarded with “buy this!” “You NEED this” “Everyone has this, why don’t you?” “I can fix all your problems with this!” It’s ridiculous and it’s gotten out of control. We have completely lost ourselves in a spiral of ads down to people being turned into walking advertisements. Models, influencers and MLM reps are walking talking advertisements. Regardless of the people getting paid to advertise, we can’t stop them, we can’t watch a video or read an article or get a recipe without being bombarded by advertisements. Although we complain about these often, most of society has settled with the fact that ads are here to stay. But not anymore. With the web-monetization technology that Coil has developed and implemented, we are not longer subject to ads. We can have an internet without ads AND get paid for our work. Plus, as more and more people create and start to realize that Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Google are censoring them in some ways or that they get to decide who gets paid and which ads are boosted and taking more money than the ads are worth- we see how corrupt the system has gotten. With this new technology we are able to hold the power, be compensated for our efforts and it helps to make the quality creators stand out from the not-so-quality creators. Although popularity is a factor, it leaves us with an incentive to actually work hard and not just cheat the system or beg for advertisement slots and endorsements. PLUS the creators who are actually in commercials and ads do not earn enough and are often treated badly and jipped when it comes down to what the actual ad was worth. It’s not a fair system and up until now there hasn’t been any way of stopping it.

A: That may seem logical to the naked eye, but if you look into the growth patterns of past companies and start ups, you will see that it is not impossible. If you add onto the problems that Coil and Cinnamon are solving, you’ll see that, for what it’s worth, Coil & Cinnamon could absolutely outperform them one day. You see, only an estimated .01% of YouTubers are actually making six figures and only 3% of those monetized on YouTube will actually cross the US poverty line of $12,144 for a single person. Would it not make sense that the greater majority would transfer their time and energy to a platform that ensures compensation, especially if they are great content creators? I mean I, Riley Q, have made about $1600 per month on average in the Coil boost program- while albeit temporary- is a representation of the numbers we will be seeing with future traffic- with that alone I will have made just under $20k in a year. That is leaps and bounds from what YouTube is capable of. You see, there are A LOT of content creators on YouTube that are amazing, but because they are getting shoved down in the algorithms and haven’t gotten lucky and gone viral, they aren’t being compensated because they don’t have just enough subscribers or just enough views. This leaves a large majority left out and they’re not making any kind of ROI via their time, energy, supplies, or money. PLUS, YouTube is still allowed to run ads on their content and benefit from it without a single penny going to the creator. I can pretty much guarantee that the minute they hear that they can make money for every single subscriber and view they get, based off of how good their content is, they’re going to come flocking. BUT in order for that to happen, they need to be told about it. That’s why I’m sharing it!

A: That’s okay! I was confused too when I first heard about it! The first thing to keep in mind is that we are now living in an age of constantly changing and evolving technology! New technology is a great thing and we should get excited when developers create something to better our lives, economy, etc. With that in mind, there are a ton of resources out there to explain blockchain, the inter ledger, web-monetization and how everything is all connected. This can be a very long conversation but I encourage you to do your own research if you’re skeptical or confused. Because there is so much, it’s important you develop your own opinions. Here are a few websites that you can read all about it & learn more!




I’d also highly recommend reading Hodor’s blogs on Coil or watching videos from the Digital Asset Investor on YouTube. Hodor is very informative and the DAI shares a lot of great information and trending news about the technology which proves within itself that it’s relevant and game-changing.

A: To the naked eye, no, it’s not sustainable right now. But once the system is working the way it’s supposed to- it will be very sustainable and scaleable. Eventually there is room for tiering, multi-company dependency, investors, etc. Right now Coil has so much potential that there has been estimated over $300,000,000 million worth of USD/XRP donated and invested into the company by Ripple through their Xpring program. For Cinnamon specifically, Coil pays them through web-monetization when content isn’t being watched. When it is, Coil is paying the creator. This is why you are required to have a Coil subscription to watch videos on Cinnamon. This infrastructure may eventually change, but for now this is how it’s set up.

A: When you get paid on Coil & Cinnamon you are receiving micro-payments. This ensures that every creators is getting paid fairly. Rather than receiving a certain chunk per video or per article, we get paid for how much time a user spends on our content. That encourage the creators to create quality content because the better it is, the more time users will spend ingesting it. Through the micro-payment system, it ensures there is enough to go around. Like I’ve explained before, just because YouTube has a great creator on their platform- doesn’t mean they deem them payable. YouTube often pulls monetization from videos and channels and you can feel like you’re walking on eggshells when trying to get monetized through their program and even once you’re in it. YouTube, in my opinion, is operating with a scarcity mindset and Coil is operating with an abundance mindset. Abundance always wins in the end friends. Now I will note, creators have the ability to monetize their YouTube channels using the Coil technology. I highly recommend this right now as YouTube is not going anywhere anytime soon and if you can’t kill it, work with it.

A: Here’s the reality, Facebook and Instagram are inching towards paid models and YouTube has already taken steps towards paid models. The internet is not guaranteed to be free. The major corporations that dominate the internet aren’t guaranteed to be free. Don’t expect them to stay free forever. With that in mind, if you had the ability to support an organization that is trying to keep your favorite creators going forever, wouldn’t you?

A: I understand that and Coil is actually working on this issue! Eventually they want to get to the point where their plugin is automatically downloaded on every platform and all you have to do is sign up for a subscription and you’re done! Another potential is they take it even further and have it set up so that your payment is automatically included in your internet or phone bundle. They want to make it as convenient as possible, but every platform has their bumps, especially in the beginning. Grace and patience are everything when it comes to new and evolving technology! Until these problems are solved you can use Coil & Cinnamon on Chrome, Firefox & Puma. All of these are available in app forms and can be accessed on your phone!

A: Well, if you think this is a pyramid scheme, go google what a pyramid scheme is. I do not get paid to talk about Coil. I do not get paid to talk about Cinnamon. They didn’t even ask any of their creators to share about it. We don’t get hired. We don’t have to pay a fee to even create, you can create for $0. Yes, you heard that, you do not have to have a subscription to create. With that in mind, if you are hearing about Coil & Cinnamon it’s because the creators have had their lives changed by the money they’re making because a. The technology works & b. They’re putting a lot of work into the content that they’re creating and it’s paying off- literally. We aren’t sharing because we want recognition or more money, we are sharing because the platform is incredible and we want the entire internet to switch over to this technology. The whole point is that any and all creators can make money if they are creating good content that people actually want! Don’t knock it ‘til you try it!

A: They don’t have apps.. YET. They’re actually working on them and like I’ve mentioned before, you have the ability to access Coil on the Chrome, Firefox and Puma apps!

A: They are amazing creators who care about creating quality content. A lot of them have actually been around for awhile but haven’t had a chance at getting recognized because of the corruption of the current system of algorithms and ad systems that other platforms have at the moment. I encourage you to explore these amazing creators and if you want your favorites on here, start making some noise. 😉

A: As of right now Coil is working primarily with XRP, the digital asset or better know as cryptocurrency. They do offer a way to get paid in USD because they understand that not everyone is interested in maintaining digital assets. You can withdraw USD through their third payment option, Stronghold. I would assume that they will eventually make it a bit easier using other platforms such as PayPal and Venmo, but for now this is what we’ve got.

A: In order to assure that creators get paid, unless your friend has a Coil subscription they won’t be able to watch the video! Tell your friends to join Cinnamon, problem solved. 😉 As far as the embedding goes, Cinnamon is working on a solution for this that would still allow them to get paid and pay creators. So yes, right now YouTube might be a bit easier to use, but I believe Cinnamon has the potential to be huge, so why not use both and post your videos in both places?

These are just a few of many hurdles,

but there’s always a way around them. Rather than dragging anyone through the mud or offending people who aren’t as educated about crypto and new technology we are providing the opportunities to converse and to better the community. I know that educating others can feel overwhelming but it doesn’t have to be. I highly recommend creating graphics or literature for your specific audience but if that isn’t an option or you’re overwhelmed by that, download mine for free! I’d love to help you start those conversations.

Cheers to expanding the community! 🥂

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