Fathers' Day Song

Happy Fathers' Day to all of you wonderful fathers and honestly, the mama's who are playing both roles. You're all incredible and I am proud to know you.

I want to give you plenty of time to celebrate your sweet selves, but I did want to pop in and sing a song for my own Dad who I'm not able to physically celebrate with.

Becoming a parent to this sweet baby has changed how I view my parents in a lot of ways this year. I am so excited to watch Dustin step into his role as a father and my Dad step into his role as a grandfather. It's going to be incredible.

This is the song that my Dad and I danced to during the father-daughter dance at my wedding and it's a song I've always cherished.

Written by Carrie Underwood it sums up the relationship I have with my own Dad and it just seemed perfect.

Pardon my horrendous guitar skills in this video. It was a VERY last minute decision and I whipped it out without any practice and it shows. But it's the thought that counts, I'll focus on technique and skill later. ❤️

I hope you have a lovely day and for those of you missing your father or husband today, or for those of you who don't have a good relationship with your Dad, my heart is with you. 🤍

xoxo – Ry