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Ahoy, I'm Mike and RistrettoRambles is my personal website and blog. I've gone by the name “Ristretto” in my streams on Twitch for several years now, and this site will be the home for the majority of my 'rambles' going forward.

I was raised in one of the suburbs surrounding Detroit before moving to Michigan's Upper Peninsula with my wife Anné shortly after our wedding. I spent 7 years working full-time at small businesses around the state – ranging from several cafes to a rock climbing gym – before taking a support role at the small mechanical keyboard company ZSA in mid-2022. For the last 4 years I've also dedicated a good bit of my free time to streaming the Monster Hunter series on Twitch.

The intention is for this site to be a place where I can write about any of the interests I find myself immersed in. I hope that in the long-term I and others can look back on a breadth of writing here for minute details about tech, video games I care about, and all manner of else.

Site Details:

All writing for the site is composed in markdown, pushed to a Github repository as a static site via Hugo & the Papermod Theme, then hosted on a combination of Cloudflare and Netlify. I'm neither trained nor well-versed in web development, so any unfortunate mishaps regarding the site's design or performance should be attributed solely to me.

Me, Elsewhere:

Outside this site you can find me on my Twitch channel where I stream the Monster Hunter games slowly and thoroughly, my YouTube Channel where full stream VODs get archived, my Twitter, and my community Discord server.

The aforementioned Twitter and Discord are the easiest places to reach me if you'd like to talk about something, but you can also send me a message at ristrettogames@gmail.com if you'd like to contact me via email.


Thank you to my wonderful wife Anné for supporting me in whatever I'm trying next, and thank you for caring enough to read anything I've written at all.



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