The Top 10 Dogs for Apartment Living

With the right training and supervision, almost any dog can adapt to apartment living... but some dogs are just going to have an easier time than others.

Note that some dog friendly apartments have specific breed restrictions, but to the best of our knowledge, the dogs listed below dogs are accepted everywhere!


Height: 11 to 15 in.

Size: Small

Weight: 20 to 30 lbs.

The beagle is a very popular breed due to their energy, eagerness, and sweet distribution. They are friendly and great with children. They have a short coat and require very little grooming.


The Beagle loves to bay, which does not endear them with neighbors!

Chinese Crested

Height: 11 to 13 in.

Size: Small

Weight: up to 10 lbs.

A happy, playful, and athletic dog who loves to climb. Good with older children. Requires little or no grooming.


May be nervous around young children or loud environments. Puppies should be exposed to a variety of sounds and busy environments.


Height: 5 to 9 in.

Size: Small (standard); Very small (miniature)

Weight: 16 to 32 lbs. (standard); Under 11 lbs. (miniature)

Lively, proud, bold, independent, and sometimes stubborn.

The short-haired variety (the most popular) requires little or not grooming. There is also a long-hair variety the requires brushing every few days.


May be a little snappish is not well socialized. The Dachshund also likes to bark, and their bark is surprisingly loud and deep for their size.

Labrador Retriever

Height: 22-½ to 24-½ in. (male); 21-½ to 23-½ in. (female)

Size: Large

Weight: 65 to 80 lbs. (male); 55 to 70 lbs. (female)

Although the Lab is much larger than most of the other dogs on our list, his easy-going disposition lets him adapt well to apartment living.

The Lab is handsome, friendly, and very intelligent. They are easy to train and great with children and other pets. They require very little grooming.


The Labrador Retriever has a tendency to get fat unless they get regular exercise. If you plan on keeping a Lab as an apartment dog, plan long walks and regular trips to the dog park to keep them in shape.

Japanese Chin

Height: 8 to 11 in.

Size: Very small

Weight: Averages 7 lbs.

The Japanese Chin is a dainty little spaniel with a soft, feathered coat. They are easy going, amiable, and very smart... they're great for learning tricks.


The Japanese Chin requires extensive grooming. The breed can sometimes have respiratory problems, and is prone to wheezing and snoring.


Height: 14 to 17 in.

Size: Medium

Weight: Averages 50 lbs (male); Averages 40 lbs. (female)

A tough, medium size dog with a compact body. It's characteristic rolling gait sometimes gives the Bulldog a comical appearance.

Loves everyone, and great with children. The Bulldog is not a barker, but does have a tendency to snore! Little brushing is required.


The Bulldog is prone to skin conditions and should be bathed regularly. Bulldogs also drool and are messy eaters.

Boston Terrier

Height: Averages 15 to 17 in.

Size: Small

Weight: 15 to 25 lbs.

The Boston Terrier is a gentle, well-mannered, very affectionate indoor dog. Good with children; responds well to positive training. Requires very little grooming.


Needs regular exercise, but can overheat if pushed too far. The Boston Terrier is very sensitive to extremes of temperature.

Basset Hound

Height: Up to 15 in.

Size: Medium

Weight: 45 to 65 lbs.

The Basset Hound looks a little like a low-slung version of a Bloodhound. They are affectionate and great with children. The Basset needs regular brushing.

The breed is not a barker, but may bay occasionally.


The Basset Hound has a tendency to put on weight. They need regular exercise, and care not to overfeed.


Height: 9-½ to 11-½ in.

Size: Very small

Weight: 6 to 9 lbs.

Nick-named the “monkey dog” because of their monkey-like facial structure and expression, this feisty toy terrier originated in Germany. The Affenpinscher is playful, devoted, and confident. Needs consistent, firm training. Regular grooming is needed.


The Affenpinscher is very sensitive to extreme temperatures. Some are difficult to housebreak.

Cairn Terrier

Height: Averages 10 in. (male); 9-½ in. (female)

Size: Small

Weight: Averages 14 lbs. (male); 13 lbs. (female)

The Cairn has been described as a “big dog in a small dog's body.” They are spirited, hardy, and self-assured.

The Cairn Terrier needs regular exercise, and regular grooming (brushing at least once a week).


Needs firm, but not harsh, training and discipline. Without attention and training, the Cairn can become destructive and/or bark excessively.

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