Vintage Oakland

Oakland has a long and colorful history; enjoy a few vintage photos and postcards from the city's past!

Shown above: an aerial view of Lake Merritt, circa 1968. 1200 Lakeshore apartments can be seen in the foreground, under construction.

Alameda County Courthouse & Lake Merritt – circa 1944

Cows on Lake Merritt – date unknown

Alameda County Sheriff Department - First Automobile – 1907

Heinold Saloon postcard – circa 1940s

(It hasn't changed very much!)

Oakland Street Scene – circa 1860

Flu Patients at Oakland Municipal Auditorium – 1918

First National Bank Building Under Construction – 1906

Oakland Street Scene, hand colored postcard – circa 1930s

Building the Bay Bridge – 1935

Breuners Christmas Postcard – circa 1940s

Paramount Theater – circa 1940s

Streetcar and Grand Lake Theater – 1957

(The feature at the Grand Lake is “Unconquered,” a historical epic adventure film produced and directed by Cecil B. DeMille and starring Gary Cooper and Paulette Goddard)

Flooding at Lake Merritt – 1962

(9.5 inches of water fell within 24 hours, and the water level of the Lake rose to 7.3 feet above normal)

Black Panther Party Headquarters, 14th & Peralta – circa 1968

BART Service – SF to Oakland – circa 1972

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