Gain New Tricks to Catch Readers’ Attention

When you're working on an essay or any other document, it's always very important to make it interesting to the future readers. You can use some effective hints on making your paper more eye-catching for the readers. Go ahead and check out our five tricks to catch people's attention with perfect writing!

Trick 1 – Ask An Unexpected Question

Ask readers an interesting and even unexpected question. This helps to get people concentrated on the question and make them interested to read the whole document. In addition, it's a great technique to persuade the audience from the very beginning, because you are bringing a question with a certain answer, so people can't make any other point of view. A good practice is repeating your question several times while you're writing your paper. Do not be in a hurry to give an answer to keep the audience in suspense for some time. Needless to say, readers should get a clear answer in the end or get an understanding of where they can find the answer because, without it, the trick will be useless.

Trick 2 – Write an Interesting Quote

Bringing a quote is a classy way to begin your paper and make readers interested. You have to make sure the quote you found is connected with the topic of your document. Please do not forget about the main tips on punctuating quotes in your text: Insert the beginning quotation mark just before the phrase (do not need any spaces), and put the end of the mark right after the last word, also without using any additional spaces. Please place the period just after the quote. Do not use a semicolon to start a quotation – you need to use only the comma and colon.

Trick 3 – Tell Something Funny

When your paper starts with an anecdote, it's a good way to get the audience's attention and demonstrate your excellent writing abilities. People like good jokes and they appreciate reading something funny. Of course, you have to pick up the anecdote that fits your paper's topic and genre.

Trick 4 – Interesting Facts

Bringing a fact or statistics – this could be a good way to make people interested in reading. Make sure you are using only reliable sources, and try to use the newest facts or statistics. It requires deep searching and analysis of the material you found. Use the Internet to search for the needed subject. All the people like to discover some new interesting facts, and your readers are no exception! Surprise them with something unexpected and quite interesting!

Trick 5 – Use Combinations

Who did say you should use only one trick for your paper? You can combine these techniques, and begin with telling an anecdote, and end with asking a question. There are no certain rules for combining techniques, and you can use your creativity and writing skills to complete your document successfully. Who knows, maybe someday you will invent a new trick?