Working Title



A Memoir of a Veteran Self Publisher


Part memoir, part masterclass

This is an experiment.

I am writing this book in public.

Warts and all.

It is unedited.

Most likely grammatically incorrect.

A draft zero.

Don’t expect linearity.

I run a six-figure-a-year self-publishing business.

At some point I will prove that to you.

So don't just take my word for it.

Trust needs to be earned.

I will earn your trust.


But first I have to prove to you I am not full of shit.

That I sport the war wounds from fighting in the self-publishing trenches.

In this game, competitors either become friends, or enemies.

Love your friends.

Ignore your enemies.

This is where I write about my journey as an indie author who sells directly to his audience.

What I share with you comes from running a self-publishing business for over 30 years.

I've been selling direct since 1993 and moved my publishing business online, selling PDF ebooks in 2000.

That was seven years before Kindle became someone’s wet dream.

I wrote under a pseudonym back then and in the personal security niche.

Wannabe James Bond tradecraft.

It got me in a lot of trouble with the US government.

I got silenced.

Yeah, I know, don’t ask!

I learned a lot from that experience.

What not to publish.

How to avoid pissing off the feds.

We need to be on the same page for this adventure to make sense to you.

I need to define something.

What I mean when I say ‘how-to’.

  • How-to is non-fiction.
  • How-to is anything that teaches someone something.

Whether that's how to crochet bunnies, develop productive habits, channel angels (some people actually believe that crap), or teach people how to eat wild plants and everything in between.

This is a space where I can freely speak about self-publishing.

As well as call out the tidal wave of BS I see in so many self-publishing courses and Facebook author groups.

I make no claims to know everything.

I avoid being a guru.

I speak from data, not theory.

Action trumps theory.

80% of the author coaches out there have not made it in the game.

They teach what I call: ‘Sounds good in theory.‘

So I am transparent about my own business.

Show you the evidence.

What's worked for me.

What hasn't.

I don't try and hoodwink you into believing that being a published author is all sweet and light.

It is not.

It's fucking hard.

Being a self-publisher takes balls.

Serious grit.

Nerves of steel.

If you are of a sensitive disposition, stay the fuck away.

I don't mince my words.

You have been warned.

Chances are, you will get offended at some point.

Deal with it.

I mean, speaking one’s mind is frowned upon nowadays.

To victory.