Panasonic P90: A Tough Phone that Stands the Test of Time Stylishly

There is something to be said about smartphones which are truly intelligent, functional and sturdy enough to survive falls and drops that occur every now and then during their shelf life. Well, the Panasonic P90 is one such device that seamlessly blends the best of all worlds to deliver a power packed phone that is stylish and sleek looking yet reliable, durable and robust.

Here are a few of the features that are part of the P90 and make it stand out from the crowd.

Prompt processor with an enduring battery life

Equipped with a 1.25GHz Quad core processor along with a 1GB RAM, the P90 works to seamless run graphic heavy games and various applications without letting any kind of glitch or freeze to interrupt your entertainment. The processor and RAM also make sure you can access your data as quickly as possible. The 2400mAh battery works in tandem with the processor to help you watch your favorite TV series, play games and store your moments and videos all throughout the day without necessitating a battery charge.

A durable and damage resistant device

The P90 not only offers you a wide-angle display owing to its 12.7cm (5) HD display that makes viewing a hassle-free, interactive and pleasing activity, but it also comes with the iconic Corning® Gorilla® Glass protection to put away your worries of accidently breaking or damaging your phone. This phone with Gorilla glass makes certain that any kind of fall or drop in no way damages the phone or compromises with your lifestyle. This way, users obtain a damage resistant display and they also do not have to worry about strain or glare whenever you look at the screen for extended time period.

Superior camera quality delivering precise images

The device possesses a 5MP front camera with LED flash. This helps you click crystal clear and aesthetic looking selfies or groupies from any angle. Besides this, the smartphone comes with a 5MP rear camera with LED flash along. This is accompanied by features such as beauty mode, live filters, panorama and HDR mode. These specs assure you of the perfect capture every single time.

Other features that make you sit up and take notice

For the multi-tasker in you, the Android Nougat 7.0 makes things convenient while OTG support ensures you can stay plugged in to all your entertainment and work mediums whether it is your pen drive, game console, keypad or even external mouse. Panasonic India offers users this device in three attractively sleek colors that is black, gold and blue. This makes it easy to choose the one that suits your innate tastes and preferences well.

Given these features, to say that the device holds sturdiness and reliability at top priority is an understatement. All in all, these specs make certain your device runs functionally and in one piece for a long time. For a tough, fast paced life, you need a string and potent device and the P90 definitely stands true to this description in a true and absolute manner.