After my first two days of giving thanks in this series (air, water), one of my favorite philosopher friends messaged me. He was concerned that I would never make it 21 days because I was rapidly running out of classical elements—the rest being earth, fire, and maybe æther. Well I’ve so far covered all except one... so this goes out to you, buddy.

Thank you Prometheus for the gift. Thank you to that human who first harnessed its power. And thank you to the humans who tend to the pile. (Looking at you, Kurtz.) Even though my apartment doesn’t have an open flame on the stove or heater, I trace every warm meal and every cozy winter night to those first sparks, tinder, and kindling nurtured by our ancestors. We used to shiver and fear for our lives, but now we can dance all night in wonder and love.

Today I’m thankful for one of humanity’s most important discoveries: fire.