Roy Scholten

Reaction videos, a whole genre on its own. Regarding music ones:

There's the non experts that try to come up with their own vocabulary to express how they feel about what they hear: – Metallica/Orion – Touching, beautiful – Megadeth/Holy Wars… The punishment due – Madness! – System of a Down/Aerials – grand and glorious!

And there's the experts that confront themselves with collegues, but in a different genre that their own: – Drums: Death/The Philosopher en deze – creative! (“He's making this look terrifyingly easy.”) – Vocalen: Type O Negative/Love you to death en deze – seductive!

Both versions offer a way back to your own first time hearing these, finding new ways to express what touched you.

Waiting to be seated

[Short documentary about jazz musician Jackie McLean], the painful battle between artistic freedom and making a basic living.

Rewatched Margin Call, it's fascinating. On with The Big Short.

More experiments in Lego printed Brunetti-style characters.

#weeknotes 2020-42

Many shades of gray above the Wadden sea.

My new favorite pen case, found at the second hand store. Turns out it is a medical case for people with diabetes. Three zippered compartments, great size.

New book arrivals: Post digital print by Alessandro Ludovico, Modes of criticism #5: Design systems, Offline Matters by Jess Henderson, This Human by dr. Melis Senova.

“The first half of life is devoted to forming a healthy ego, the second half is going inward and letting go of it.” – CarlJung. Some of the books above seem related to this.

Continuing on last weeks note taking theme, Maggie Appleton has a great visual summary on Building a second brain, a course by Fortelabs.

“Being present in Life is to be emergent in the moment, not scripted. A lot of work depends upon people running their day by consciously pre-planned tasks in linear succession: It's no wonder most all self-help methods with aspirations for commercial success are the same.” @socialwealth

I'm looking at how people use their journals, bullet or otherwise. An important aspect for me is that in my creative journal, the work can be undirected, free flowing. Anything goes. A place for process over results.

Two handmade journals, 96 pages each.

On personal knowledge management through the centuries. If note taking systems are your thing, then be sure to browse the the Taking Note blog archive. On the size of thoughts: “most are about three feet tall, with the level of complexity of a lawnmower engine, or a cigarette lighter, or those tubes of toothpaste that, by mingling several hidden pastes and gels, create a pleasantly striped product.”

Initial experiments with Brunetti style characters in Lego-printing.

I listen to pretty heavy and hectic music. Still took me almost a year to crack Mirror in Darkness by Serpent Column. Managed to listen to the whole thing in one sitting this week and it finally clicked. Just in time for the new release!

On the other side of the spectrum: 3+ hours of chill with Namlook and Hawtin, 3+ hours of Klaus Schulze

Going to start listening to John Vervaeke on Awakening from the Meaning Crisis. Via Futurethinkers. Added the youtube videos as podcast-able audio to my huffduffer (temporarily!)

Got lucky at the second hand store, found The Collected Sandman Covers as illustrated by Dave McKean for very cheap. McKean was a big influence on my own early (digital) image-making work. Great drawings, too (in Dutch).


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