Composition 1960 #10 (for Bob Morris)

Draw a straight line and follow it.

Card with the printed score

Nam Paik June performing the score in 1962 Nam Paik June performing the score in 1962

Young's Reminiscence #1

“I remember one day in Utah when I was in junior high school when we lived on the shore of Utah Lake, managing my Uncle Thornton’s celery farm. One day in the middle of winter, freezing cold, wind blowing up off of Utah lake, we went down to the shore of the lake and worked all day digging post holes, putting poles in the ground, lining them up perfectly, and then stringing barbed wire across them. And it was just, like, unbelievably cold, and unbelievably hard work, and [my Father] never stopped. And, also, he was very, very concerned about making the fence straight and lining it up.”

  • Young & Marian Zazeela interviewed by Ian Nagoski, 1995

Composition 1960 #9

The score The score

The performance instructions on the score's envelope The performance instructions on the score's envelope

Young's Reminiscence #2

“My 'Composition 1960 #9' consists of a straight line drawn on a piece of paper. It is to be performed and comes with no instructions. The night I met Jackson Mac Low we went down to my apartment and he read some of his poems for us. Later, when he was going to go home, he said he'd write out directions to get to his place so we could come and visit him sometime. He happened to pick up 'Composition 1960 #9' and said, 'Can I write it here?' I said, 'No, wait, that's a piece. Don't write on that.' He said, 'Whadaya mean a piece? That's just a line.”

  • Young, “Lecture 1960”

rusty congaree

dark matter radio

broadcast inside

septic tank going supernova

The Incapacitants in a glitched portrait

rusty congaree

the body: a morphing glyph,

fluxurious muscle & bone.

merce lazarustled our awhereness,

he knew space is not

unembraceable, empty;

it is kinetickled with

our undelved selves

a text score

for manfred werder

lone cricket whirruzz

rings round

almost-ripe moon

  • rusty congaree 2022.03.18


Listen carefully.

The audience is your instrument, play it in order to practically understand how we are generally instrumentalised.

Prepare the audience with concepts, questions, and movements as a way to explore the dissonance that exist between the individual narcissism that capitalism promotes and our social capacity, between how we conceive ourselves as free individuals with agency and the way that we are socially determined by capitalist relations, technology, and ideology.

Reflect on the I/We relation while defining social dissonance.

Help the collective subject to emerge.

Check out more here

rusty congaree

downpour the cicadas

thin whistling static

shuddering flux reappears as

reverb dissolve

hiss intermingled grass or leaves

a fly passing into hoarse phantom

twenty seconds of shred melodious

speed metal waterfall

Rusty Congaree

*for 颜峻 Yan Jun

noiser Ξενάκης [Xenakis] + ゲロゲリゲゲゲ[Gerogerigegege] urine shine skulking Cage n0t-smiling amplified bioelectric amniotic monument malfunctioning 春节 [Spring Festival] obituary amino acids

Rusty Congaree

Benjamin pouring over books

for sale the bodies, the voices, what will never be sold

industrial luxury sudden rainshowers a place of refuge the flâneur & the weather

successful vaudevilles □ Mythology □ A glover □ the signs are formed from antlers, lobsters, bird kidneys.

The boutique became the magasin stanzas of color Diable always beseiged by carriages

two floors of apartments an enormous glass-pained roof strolling took place Passage du Désir leading to a house of ill-repute

marble floor shone a beauty required a fortune (using sheep) the first experiments with the guillotine

a poisoner killed inhalation of toxic fumes reckless art enters the service of the butchers

19th-century Parisian arcade

Poem for Torturing Nurse


Junky performing

Original English Poem

nihilist alien fanfic,

twilit tapeworm dream,

octopossum eating Virginia Woolf,

skull-harsh alarm,

subletters mowing the worst me

into cyborg

Google translated from English to Chinese (simplified)

虚无主义的外星人 异想天开,

暮光绦虫 梦,

章鱼 吃弗吉尼亚 伍尔夫,

头骨严厉 警报,

转写割草 最坏的我


Google translated from Chinese to English

nihilistic alien whimsical,

Twilight Tapeworm dream,

octopus eat virginia Woolf,

Skull stern alarm,

Transcribe mowing the worst of me

Enter Cyborg

Blackberries (2)

believered pra!

first I say why?

why does one use upper case and lower case? i use only lower case. then I say why? why does one punctuate i write everything without punctuation then i ask why does one use umlauts i won't be straight diacritical henceforth i will write zurich fülfills seclusion personal carryover and then i remember the old phrase from mathematics namely that it does not matter in which order i add respect multiply and now i write vole instead of love because love needs voles to love voles and finally now will giveup the or derofwordsamongthemselvesbywritingonlyonegiantwordorwhilemorewrotitsolandinorthographyisnaturallyunimportantandsenseigiveupinfavorofnonsenseandthustheitsheklmnoppqrsutabelgikemaminopetroleumplaguekakrrkrrrksrsstopitonobilamenteyakkaanteelinguekitonpausbacrocodilemmadiemadilemma (Here the typographer went stark raving mad and threatened a general strike should he be forced to set any more Kuhgewitter (Cowweather).)


Translated by Pierre Joris