Using `bash`, `sleep` and `procfs` to set up a rudimentary object system

``` ~$ cat hello.txt hello how are you? ~$ sleep infinity 100<`which wc` 200<`which grep` & [5] 3988 ~$ /proc/3988/fd/100 -l hello.txt 4 hello.txt ~$ /proc/3988/fd/200 '^h' hello.txt hello how ``` This is only a proof of concept that I drafted up some minutes ago. I still need to figure out how to provide those "objects" with some dynamism. I hope that the direction after that is clear: those stock executables would then be replaced by specialized programs which would act as methods. `bash` and `sleep` would both be replaced by an utility that reads from a configuration resource, binds the descriptors to their respective methods and then becomes a server. Object variables would be accessible through file descriptors as well. Access modifiers would be replaced by filesystem permissions. _Edit: I drafted up a better, self-contained, example. Here it goes._ ``` ~$ cat hello.sh exec 50<<! 'hello, world' ! exec 100<<! #!/usr/bin/env bash cat /proc/$$/fd/50 ! chmod +x /proc/$$/fd/100 exec sleep infinity ~$ ./hello.sh & [4] 8667 ~$ /proc/8667/fd/100 'hello, world' ```