Rafting is so much fun omg.

Like me and my friends and a couple of other adults drove up 4 hours to a tourist area in the country we live in to do rafting. And man, it's so fun I'd love to do it again.

The adrenaline rush of just going through rapids, getting soaked and going swimming in the river made me feel so alive and refreshed!! I don't even care it was my third time doing rafting because this rafting track we did HAD A WATERFALL DROP. Two waterfall drops technically. The first waterfall drop we did was like maybe 2 or 3 meters high, maybe a bit higher not too sure, but fun nonetheless.

The last waterfall drop though? 7 METERS TALL.

My friend fell off and the cameraman who was perched on a balcony facing the waterfall took a photo of that. God, it was embarrassing because I cheered at first thinking all of us made it out and our boat didn't capsize. Turned around and realized my friend wasn't there.

Embarrassing smh.

Good day honestly.

Another rant, I guess, lol.

But people are viewing the house we are renting in currently tomorrow. I am very much terrified. The amount of fandom paraphernalia that I own is concerning.

Although the good thing I guess is that most of those items are safely stashed away in boxes so most are good to go when we move y'kno.

It'll still be embarrassing if they check my room and see like not only K-pop merchandise but my gaming setup, my switch game cases I've collected. Like, ah yes, my further 'weeb' persona is getting shown to more people. It's bad enough people know I work in an anime shop.

It's a fun job though.

But yeah, weird. Really weird to be fair.

I wonder if they'd try to steal what jewelry I have out in the open xd. Wouldn't be fun if I come back in our rental home and just see some of my personal items gone.

But nah, people here are kind, to some degree. Hahahaha.... I really hope nothing magically vanishes.

Kind of excited though when like all of that is over and we move into the new home we got. Yippee!!

Man. It's weird.

Sitting here, being alive and just BEING? Like it just feels baffling.

In the short years I've been alive it just feels like life gets both easier and harder for people. I mean that's how I'm feeling, not sure about how others feel about it. Life, I mean.

Sometimes, you'd just be sitting there lamely and then getting hit with reality like a whole brick to the face. Yes you exist, yes you pay taxes and yes I'm pretty sure you piss and shit.


Existing is fun.

But then ANOTHER realization also hits like, wow I'm a TINY speck of dust in comparison to the size of this universe we live in. Such a vast space filled with, void mostly and planets just chilling.

Makes you wonder if there are other lifeforms out there or is it truly just us. Are we even real.