So here is where the fun begins...

We decided to go on a search for someone who met the needs and requirements. We talked to several people before deciding on one person.

He was a nice guy and good looking. So we began setting up the first meeting. We invited him over for what was suppose to be a 3some. Notice the words “suppose to be”. Needless to say things didn’t go as planned.

It all began with small talk for several minutes then I proceeded to start with a blow job. He was squirming, moaning and even got out a few words. Not only was he all bothered but my husband was as well as he was watching. They were both completely aroused. Few minutes in (maybe 2 or 3) the guy was completely done for.

He proceeded to get ready to go real fast due to embarrassment of not lasting. So much for a 3some huh? Can we say disappointed? So he left and went about his night.

My husband and I both were in complete shock and had no words for what happened. All we could do was laugh due to him being so embarrassed.

We got a taste and loved it!!! We agreed to continue further regardless of being hesitant at first. I quickly learned it wasn’t so bad. This is where the two year journey began. Stay tuned because I promise you don’t want to miss’s worth the read.