How it all Began

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In January 2015 I learned of the new pension freedoms that were coming into force in April that year. I asked the provider of my defined benefit pension if I could have a flexible drawdown, rather than the annuity. They said no and told me I had to leave the scheme to get access to the pension freedoms.

I looked for an adviser to assist me leave the scheme. I knew nothing of the complexities of pensions or pension scams or “regulated advisers” – like most people I was simply guilty of ignorance – and I unwittingly showed up on the radar of unregulated advisers who lied and deceived me, then took my money and invested it in unsuitable offshore funds.

Some blood-sucking, two-bit lawyers, have made feeble assertions my arguments are “specious” and “unfounded” and assert I am on a “ridiculous personal vendetta”. Well they can think what they like, their opinions are irrelevant. I have irrefutable evidence, in writing, to support what I say and the blood-sucking lawyers produce didly-squat to counter my allegations. They simply bleat pathetic whinges their client's reputations are damaged or their client has done no wrong – blah blah blah! A lot of testosterone fuelled sabre rattling! Get over yourselves. The only thing that counts is hard evidence – I have a shed load and they have none!

Look, if your clients engage in nefarious activities, don't be surprised when someone stands up and calls them out! Your clients are the architects of their own “damaged” reputations. If you wish to assert otherwise then produce the evidence! Simples!

Below is a diagram of all the actors that played a part in my pension transfer, each taking either commissions or annual fees from my pension and began to bleed it in the hope I would never notice.

Key actors in all this are:

I will discuss each component in separate articles.

[NB: right click and view image for a bigger picture] My mis advised Pension Transfer

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