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A brief potted history of Phillip Nunn & Patrick McCreesh.

The first company on record associated with Nunn & McCreesh is Nunn McCreesh LLP, company number OC377660, incorporated August 2012 and dissolved October 2015.

Then came It's Your Pension Ltd, company number 08428454, incorporated March 2013 and dissolved Oct 2016.

The first public record of nefarious activity is in connection with the Capita Oak & Henley Retirement Schemes that took pensions from c.1000 people totalling around £120m and invested it solely in storage pods managed by Store First.

Much has been reported about the Capita Oak/Henley scam into storage pods: a Radio programme BBC Radio 4 You & Yours-Store First; two write-ups on the BBC News website: BBC News – Store First and BBC News – Capita Oak & Henley. Many more news outlets have also reported the scam.

According to the Witness Statement of Leonard Fenton in the Matter of Transeuro Worldwide Holdings (“TWH”), Imperial Trustee Services Ltd, and Omni Trustee Services Ltd, paragraph 162, Nunn & McCreesh LLP provided 100-200 leads per month from March 2012 to May 2014 and received £899,829 from TWH. However small or innocent Nunn & McCreesh claim their part was in the Capita Oak/Henley scam, they still knowingly and intentionally contributed to other people's misfortune by passing their details as “leads” to an organised scam and pocketed almost £1m without remorse.

On the contrary, realising there's money to be made from UK pensions their next step was to set up their own unregulated fund, Blackmore Global, on the Isle of Man, company number 010221V incorporated 27th Sept 2013 even though their Offer Document says 2nd Oct 2013 – why the discrepancy? Who knows?

They also set up Aspinal Chase in Gibraltar, company number 110127 in July 2013, and later Pensions & Life UK Ltd, company number 09231187 in 23 Sept 2014 and operated both from Albion Wharf, 19 Albion St. Manchester M1 5LN.

Then in collusion with Aktiva Wealth Management, registered with the Czech National Bank on 5th May 2015 and later to become Square Mile International Financial, they set about transferring UK retail pensions into their own opaque, unregulated fund – Blackmore Global.

The BBC Radio 4 programme You & Yours reported my (and two other's) story in January 2018 and the part Nunn & McCreesh played. It can be listened to here: BBC You & Yours 29th Jan 2018 and was also reported on the BBC News Website here: BBC News Article of programme 29 Jan 2018.

I will be giving more details on Nunn & McCreesh in other chapters ....

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