Most of us have missed the cues on this one, but I think it is obvious in retrospect.

Robert “Bob” Lazar is controlled opposition for the UFO program. He knows what he was told because he accepted the role of lying to people about working on UFOs.

Many believe him, but he hasn't been accurate in his stories if you pay detailed attention. He gets details wrong, he said 30 years ago that he never saw an alien but then his interview with Jeremy Corbell he mentions having seen their “cadavres”.

Many think he's “just lying”, but he has been accurate a few times in strange ways. I think that element 115 is just smoke and mirrors, because we can keep shouting numbers near the last known number and it'll become an element sooner or later. Though, other things like the bone-based security device, FBI “raids”, consistency of most details over 30 years, etc. seems like there's something more to it.

However, his spotty history can't be ignored. I think that he likely is not someone that the government is going to trust with this type of project in reality unless he was being used.

This is why I would suggest that Bob Lazar was either paid or used by the military in a way such that he would know just-enough of the story to get people excited and not blow the whole story. Either he really worked there with the intent of having brought controlled opposition in the form of a “whistleblower” and only showing specific things, or they convinced him to lie and act as cover for them. If this is true, then we need to analyze him carefully and figure out what may be information vs disinformation along with assuming the more black-and-white “true or false?” narrative.

Is this so that he can build credibility for the future plan of disclosure, maybe? This is why he suddenly came back into the light, meeting on talk shows, and conveniently deciding that his “not wanting attention” story needed to be shared with everyone. Does this seem in character? What changed?

He has been used as a way to either open our mind or control our thoughts. I'll let you decide which.