Got Alpine mail to work on my computer tonight and I am ecstatic about it. I have long wanted a command line only interface and this gets me one step closer. This was way easier than I thought it was going to be. Here are my notes from the install and setup...

Setting up Alpine Mail:

Install Alpine mail ,,,yay alpine,,, I always get a little nervous when I install something from the AUR and it has to compile. This takes a while and it's just always a little unsettling lol.

Launch alpine and setup my email... -navigate to main>setup>colletionlists>add -enter the following information Nickname: (giveitaname) Server: Path: View: -navigate to setup>config for smtp server setup a folder -navigate to setup>config and check off the boxes for the following: Compensate for deficient IMAP servers Combined Folder Display Enable incoming folders collection Enable incoming folders checking

This worked and my email is now available to me in my command line environment. And its fantastic.

I recently changed to lynx as my web browser for my CLI sessions as it is a little more configurable than elinks. It essentially came down to the readability of text based sites I want to use to read and learn from. The elinks options were hard to read and navigate so I tried lynx and found it much better.

I also managed to get keybindings to work for my touchpad. alt + F9 will toggle the touchpad now which is amazing. This is only for my i3 sessions however so I have to make sure to enable it before I try to play around in ratpoison or go back to gui sessions with xfcewm. I have an alias setup to run the bash executable I made as well so it's not like I'm stuck either.

All in all it's been a heck of a great day because I have gotten my keybinding set to enable and disable touchpad like it is supposed to. I also have my proper keybindings for keyboard lighting working properly as well. This hasn't worked in months so it's exciting that it's all coming together and working great!! I'm getting better at documenting it all as well. I think the next thing will be to better organize my bookmarks online for all of this. For now it's exciting that my complete cli environment is almost complete. Ill develop a list of all the apps I use for everything I do and publish that here soon.