I feel like I need to catch up on some things. The last couple of days have been pretty good as far as progress in getting my computer set up exactly how I want it. I know I have probably said this several times, my wife tells me I do this all the time, but I keep finding just one more little thing that I want to do that will make things easier or more convenient, or just cool. So for now, I have my profile(s) all setup and configured to exactly how I would like them. I am not going to use a conky in my i3 sessions because it's really not necessary unless I am staring at the background without any windows open which at that point I'm clearly not doing any work. So my xfce session has a conky and my i3 session uses the i3bar with i3status.

I have to run killall conky before I logout of xfce. If I don't the daemon creates an issue when I login to the i3 session and disables all my keybindings, or most of them anyway. I want to figure out how to get that to be an automatic script that runs when I logout. I think the answer lies withing the lightdm files somewhere but I am not sure at this point. I will keep looking for a solution. For now I have a slight inconvenience of typing one command before I logout. Not too big of a deal if you ask me.

I was able to configure lightdm.config to import a new background for the login screen and I moved the login box to the lower left. I really like the simple design of it. Some glitching on startup but I really don't care about that. I enjoy the hobbyist appearance with excellent capability.

I found a great radio streaming app for the terminal called pyradio. It comes with a few preloaded stations and it works right out of the box. I need to figure out how to add stations though. If I can, this little app will surely be a game-changer for me lol. It did lead me to figuring out how to run a script to get my favorite classical stream to play automatically in the background. I'll try to list the files and commands I used. This blog service is pretty basic so it may not format very well.

First I downloaded the .pls file from the website and then I created a script to run vlc in the background with the .pls file. In my home folder a few little scripts that I made for alias commands so I put it in there and set my alias in my .zshrc file.

My .study.sh file __________________________________________________ #!/bin/zsh #quick command to listen to music

cvlc ~/.config/pyradio/listen.pls -dy.sh” __________________________________________________

My alias in .zshrc __________________________________________________ alias study=”~./.study.sh” __________________________________________________

source .zshrc and restart any terminals that are already open and you will be all set.

To stop the stream I set up another alias to run the killall vlc command.

So now I just type in “study” into my command line and I get nice background music to study to. My goal is to write a short program that can include choices based on a library I setup with .pls files. I'll see how that goes.