Oh man, it's been a few days but I've done some things. Installed Void Linux a couple of days ago onto the old laptop and I've got it up and running for the time being. Had some issues but they were minor. Took me a while to figure out how to set my repositories properly which then allowed me to install the proper software to get my audio working. I have sound now but no keys mapped for adjusting it so I will have to work on that.

I recently started a bash programming intro with a couple of different resources: -A bash intro on github that uses ##linux-beginners as a “classroom” -Bash reference manual for beginners http://tille.garrels.be/training/bash/

Both are fantastic learning tools that I hope to get through within the next couple of weeks

I'd like to get to making some scripts sooner rather than later. Like I said, my first little project I want to be an internet streaming program. I've got something setup already with a simple bash script and an alias but that only plays one station with no options. It'll take some work I'm sure so I'm not expecting it to be done anytime soon.

I'd also like to get more familiar with calcurse because I think it will be a very functional and helpful calendar application in the terminal. For now I will continue with customizing the other laptop with an old-school theme similar to the old CDE on Solaris machines.

So I got a good bit done on the Void install customizing. I am kind of mixing between theme packs I find online and my own customizing to get the look down as best I can. If I can get the login screen to look close along with the botom panel, I think I am pretty well set after that. Oh yeah, I need to find an icon pack that actually works with xfce. I found a sweet one but there is something wrong with it.


I ran into an issue this past week trying to clone my HDD. Wound up deleting the boot partition on the laptop and almost couldn't even log in to my own computer. Thankfully I keep a spare install on a USB to boot up the computer and chroot into my system. From there I recalled my latest snapshot which restored my system and I was able to boot again. It was a close one! Anyway, hoping to work on more bash learning along with furhther reading into Code. I have kind of slacked on my note taking and reading this past week. Ill get back into it this week.