Trying to generate the autorun options for starting i3. I'd like my optimal desktop to just start without me doing anything

– I have been editing the ~/.config/i3/config file with some luck – i3-layout-manager does a good job at saving the .json file. I do need to edit it so it restores my desktop session which is where I am running into issues

– I have the first two workspaces saved as .json files and they are loading properly on startup – workspace 1 loads perfectly out of the gate right now – workspace two loads the layout. need to work on proper programs starting

– Possible solution that is seemingly working: – append the i3 config file with the following:

execalways —no-startup-id i3-msg “workspace 1; appendlayout /home/darrin/.layouts/layout-WORKPLACE1.json” execalways —no-startup-id i3-msg “workspace 2; appendlayout /home/darrin/.layouts/layout-WORKPLACE2.json”

execalways —no-startup-id i3-msg 'workspace 1; exec urxvt -name alpine -e alpine' execalways —no-startup-id i3-msg 'workspace 1; exec urxvt -name calcurse -e calcurse'

execalways —no-startup-id i3-msg 'workspace 1; exec urxvt -name lynx -e lynx' execalways —no-startup-id i3-msg 'workspace 1; exec urxvt -name irssi -e irssi' exec_always —no-startup-id i3-msg 'workspace 1; exec urxvt -name tnote -e tnote'

Had to fix a few things because the workstation 2 just wouldn't load with the proper layout. -resaved the layout that I wanted -edited the i3 config to get both workspaces to load properly -deleted the shit from my i3 config and made it into a script to run -I want to incorporate this into another script I run to decide which layout I will go with for the session. -Have a study layout all setup now!

My end result is this:


Workspace layout

i3-msg 'workspace 1; appendlayout /home/darrin/.layouts/layout-WORKPLACE1.json' i3-msg 'workspace 2; appendlayout /home/darrin/.layouts/layout-WORKPLACE2.json'

Program loads

i3-msg 'workspace 1; exec urxvt -name alpine -e alpine' i3-msg 'workspace 1; exec urxvt -name calcurse -e calcurse' i3-msg 'workspace 2; exec urxvt -name lynx -e lynx' i3-msg 'workspace 2; exec urxvt -name tnote -e tnote -a' i3-msg 'workspace 2; exec urxvt -name irssi -e irssi'

streaming music for studying

cvlc ~/.config/pyradio/listen.pls -d

So I wound up not doing an auto populate for my workspace. I am happy that I figured it out but I like the idea of having several layouts to choose from based on what I am doing. Growing closer and closer to being able to stick with i3 completely as well as CLI.

Now I want to configure my irssi to open the proper chatrooms when it opens... -Just going to add the auto join chats as I go.

Added a command to open a terminal in workspace 3 on startup. I am loading the layouts in workspace 1 and 2 so having a terminal in workspace 1 when I manually load the layout will mess it up due to the terminal window I am using already being there. This will ensure that the terminal colors are updated and things dont look too funny as well keeping my layouts as they are supposed to be. Ultimately I want this to be the dialog box to choose which layout I want for that session.