Huh... this is interesting.

A small stream of consciousness piece about writing –> artistic abilities –> self image –> inner-connectivity.

Not sure why I want to explore writing as a hobby but it does seem appealing. I've always been better at organizing my thoughts on paper and keyboard than I have with speaking. It's too easy to be disconnected, to be garbled. Typing allows you to precisely process your thoughts and put them into action.

I've never been an artistic person, in any sense of the word. I'm not very talented in design, drawing, color coordination. Anything that allows infinite imagination I immediately get stumped and awed. No guidance leaves me with nothing but voided openness that frankly scares me slightly. I feel like if I were to really try, I could come up with something but I feel like my unavoidable need to compare myself to people makes me fall short.

It's funny how we do that – compare ourselves to one another. We spend so much time trying to “find ourselves” and “figure out who we are” and yet the existence of our society hangs on the thread of how one's self differs from everyone else. It's always the differences that get put out on display but it's the similarities that bring us together. It's how we find people that we connect with, that we can share. Threads of concepts wrapping around each of us, various lengths, widths, colors, but still entangling us together. It creates this interwoven pattern that has no discernible shape or reason, but is still somehow so beautiful.

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