How to download music from Youtube for free

This here article is the opener for a series of texts on the subject of how to get around online in the vast oceans of internet, and how to achieve your (online) goals fast and secure, and (usually) for free.

The first advice i'd like to give is on the subject of how to download music from youtube.. It is quite an obvious solution, given that we do have youtube, which receives probably 90% of the current trending music to be published and streamed.

Usually this is done for the ad revenue. They say, people get 3-4 USD for every 1000 video views.. I don't know for sure if this is true, but if it were... Imagine... Remember that Psy – Gangnam style video? It has gathered some over 3 billion views on youtube.. We can even say, every other person on earth has seen this video.. amazing, right? In any case, this Psy must have collected somewhere in the realm of 5-10 million for ads placed on that video. Not bad, huh?

And since they (owners) do make huge money off these videos, i do not consider it a moral dilemma when it comes to “should i download this song?” I am not going to buy it anyways, so why not just download it, convert it from youtube to mp3?

Morals of youtube to mp3 converting

If you have a problem downloading music off youtube, here's your solution... This is not illegal. Youtube and music labels want you to believe this is somehow illegal. But it is not illegal. Let's say some website says “do not post hate speech or curse out others”. And so you go ahead and do that – curse someone and hate on them a whole lot in the posts..

What happens now? Is it illegal, the thing you did? Well, some countries might consider it so, but let's say you just flaming and talking garbage and that's it? You actually are not breaking any laws here. All you did was go against that website's wishes and terms of service. your actions didn't break any laws... Just did what they asked you not to do... What's the worst that can happen? Website will terminate your account, in worst cases – try to block your ip from accessing them. Solution – get another IP or a proxy...

In any case, downloading music from youtube is not illegal. It is just bad behavior. And the worst that can happen is a slap on the wrist for that bad behavior.

How to use youtube mp3 converter?

Very simple. Click here to open – the youtube to mp3 converter i was talking about throughout this article. All you need to do is copy the video URL from the video page into the clipboard, open the converter site, paste URL into the box, and click the button on the right.. Site will instantly offer multiple mp3 download options..

Here's how this site looks after these 3 steps, with the 3 to 5 mp3 download buttons, with different sound quality and sizes.

Youtube mp3 converter

Now all you gotta do is click any of the mp3 download buttons and your mp3 will begin downloading. You can try all the buttons to see which one gives fastest download, and in the future just keep using that button...

That is all, folks, for today. Keep doing your thing! Hope this helps. S.