Movie Deaths Volume 1

A is for Apollo, who wouldn't retire

Read more about Apollo's death

B is for Big Daddy, caught in a fire

Read more about Big Daddy's death

C is for Cady, cuffed, singing and sinking

Read more about Max Cady's death

D is for Drexl, Clarence shot without thinking

Read more about Drexl's death

E is for Elle, Bea plucked out her eye

F is for Fireball, blown to the sky

G is for Gollum, boiled up in lava

H is for Hans, dying hard on the Plaza

I is for Imhotep, eaten alive

J is for Jack, too cold to survive

K is for Kevin, left by a tree

L is for Louise, finally free

M is for Medusa, who lost her head

N is for Noah, filled with dread

O is for Otto, who sank without trace

P is for Pennywise, with fear on his face

Q is for Quint, devoured by Jaws

R is for Rell, squashed by stone doors

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