Machine Quilting Options For Beginners

Quilters have a wide range of options when it comes to quilting. However, a growing number of quilters are shifting to machine quilting as a quick and convenient method to produce beautiful projects. No matter how intricate a quilting pattern may seem, the truth is you do not need a special machine to take up this hobby.

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Here I will explain a bit more on machine quilting for those who are new to it.

Types of Machine Quilting

There are many types of sewing machine quilting but the two most basic are free motion and straight line. The latter is easier but newbies will need serious practice to master them both.

Types of quilting sewing machine

Straight Line Machine Quilting

Straight line quilting is easier with the help of a walking foot. This foot has another set of feed dog for the upper layer of the project so when you quilt, the layers don’t shift away from each other as they travel through the machine.

With the help of walking feet, even a simple sewing machine can produce professional-looking projects.

With the help of a walking foot, distortion and pleats are reduced and your project will have different layers in sync with each other.

However, please note that walking feet are not for curves as they are usually too big. You can still quilt gentle curves though. For more intricate patterns, use free motion technique.

Free Motion Machine Quilting

Machine quilting patterns can be as intricate as hand quilting if you can master the art of the free motion method. Practice is needed even if you are equipped with specialized tools. Here are what you should bear in mind.

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As the name indicates, quilters are in charge of moving the project around so remember to lower the machine’s feed dog. If you don’t do so, the feed dog will guide the project in an unwanted direction.

The stitch length is determined largely by how fast you run the machine and the pace of your movements. With most models, quilters are solely in charge, so this requires constant practice.

Choosing the right sewing machine for beginners

For free motion quilting, you can use either a special foot or a darning foot.

New Machine Quilting Options

Quilting is gaining popularity so manufacturers are making sewing machines, especially for this hobby. Some of the most useful features are the stitch regulators, which can help sew even stitches in free motion quilting and some special feet to support quilters.

Quilting doesn’t require specially designed machines so don’t worry if your sewing machine is just the best basic sewing machine for beginners. Walking feet, special feet, and darning feet are widely available to help you take up quilting. In case you haven’t had a machine yet, here is my choice for the best basic sewing machine you should have a look at.

Quilting is not an easy set of skills to master so start small first. Make a cup rug or a table runner and practice the basics. If you grow a positive feeling for machine quilting, you can invest in a machine designed for it to quilt faster and better.