Dental Hygiene Schools in Colorado

The best dental hygiene schools and programs in Colorado Springs offer a variety of dental hygiene programs, from associate to other program levels.

Dental hygiene programs are offered at various community colleges in Colorado on a full-time basis. Programs are completed within two years, and all participants are awarded an Associate in Dental Hygienist degree.

Coursework in the dental hygiene schools in Colorado Springs includes courses in preventive dentistry, anatomy, periodontology, pharmacology, and more.

Dental hygienist schools in Colorado offer associate degree programs designed to nurture and build the best careers for students in the field of dental health.

Are There Dental Hygiene Schools In Colorado Springs?

There are four dental hygiene programs in Colorado, three of which are offered by CODA-accredited public colleges.

Anatomy and physiology, dental materials, patient data collection, infection control, prevention, nutrition and nutritional counseling, oral pathology, pharmacology, and use of local anesthesia.

Students may be trained to treat patients with periodontal disease, as well as inpatients, patients with disabilities, and patients with other health conditions in an expanded role as a dental hygienist.

How Much Do Dental Hygiene Schools Cost In Colorado Springs?

You can earn an associate’s degree from either a community college or a technical college; you can earn your degree in 20-30 months and you will spend between $5,310 and $58,970.

A growing number of four-year colleges and universities also offer dental hygiene education; if you live in Colorado Springs and attend a public school, your tuition may cost as little as $24,600, while attending a private university may cost you $107,850.

Finally, if you want to do research or teach other aspiring dental hygienists, you can get a master’s degree. Earning a master’s degree will take one to two years and will cost you between $32,060 and $99,020.

What Are The Requirements For Dental Hygiene Schools In Colorado Springs?

Colleges and vocational schools that offer dental assisting programs set standards that must be met for admission. Admission requirements may vary slightly from one school to another, but in general you can expect to follow these standards.

Have a high school diploma or equivalent Some schools require you to get a passing score on exams

The first courses you take in a dental assistant program teach you the basic concepts you need to succeed in the field, such as terminology for different parts of the mouth, common oral diseases, and the tools dentists use.

Your coursework will also cover the correct steps to follow to disinfect equipment and dental treatment areas. During your schooling, you will also learn how to perform dental office tasks, such as how to schedule appointments and check on patients.

Some programs also teach advanced skills, such as how to apply local anesthetic to patients before the dentist begins treatment.

What Are The Best Dental Hygiene Schools In Colorado Springs?

Aspiring dental hygienists can earn an associate degree in this field. Generally, applicants must complete a certain number of required courses in areas such as psychology, anatomy and physiology, microbiology, and biochemistry.

Clinical experience is integrated into all programs discussed in this article. In addition, all the schools described in this article are accredited by the American Dental Association. Students should note that Concorde Career College in Aurora is a for-profit school; the rest of the schools are government colleges.

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