What machines to play in online casinos?

Now on the Internet hundreds of different slot machines that are available at any time and to any player. Such indicators can not even boast of the most prestigious playgrounds. But which tools are considered the best? You can try this website and determine for yourself what is better, because the window is already 2018 year, and the gambling industry also does not stand still.

Consider the five best machines: 1. The first one-armed bandit, which can be distinguished from all other applicants — it's tower monkeys 2 (Crazy Monkey 2). The machine began to gain its popularity at the end of 2016 and at the beginning of this year, he went to the top of the most playable devices. Tower monkeys since the first version of the machine loved by their players. And now they have reached a new level, thanks to the super bonus game and risky multiplication.

  1. Another slot machine that is worthy of the top is the Fruit cocktail 2 (Fruit Cocktail 2). Playing this machine, you can get a great bonus and play one of the bonus games. Here, too, there is the risk of multiplication. Fruit cocktail has become popular since the first part and still holds in the top of the top machines.

  2. If we consider the original machine, on this top must be Sharky. Sea breeze, waves, and travel, immediately capture the player with its atmosphere. And the company of pirates, only deepen the mind and make you love this machine entirely. Here you can win a huge jackpot and increase your amount tenfold.

  3. Attila-this machine is known to every self-respecting player. He must be on that top. This is not only a slot machine but a whole story about the fall of the Roman Empire, with beautiful animation. Here, as an elsewhere available game on five fields, with a possible bonus and profitable risk that will increase your winnings.

  4. And the last one is a book of RA. Probably the most famous slot machine on the Internet and beyond. Everyone at least once played it. The most significant prize money was played on this slot machine, and the bonuses that it gives cannot be compared with other similar gaming machines. Here you will find the charms of ancient Egypt, which will provide you with pleasure and enrich you.

These were the most popular devices of 2018. Remember that the doors of online casino are always open for new people and wait for them in their cozy company for a pleasant time.