The network: definition, analysis and representation.

Freelance Network Analyst and network specialists focus on the design and security of the network, particularly in solving problems related to providing support services , ensuring that the network is used efficiently and that service quality objectives are achieved.

Descriptive: The analyst defines his operational field of intervention on both hardware and infrastructure, operating systems, computer and telecommunications networks, data management and archiving systems, and security. Goal: The analyst is at the heart of the engineering and analysis required for implementation and especially the availability of the company's information system and its infrastructure, for all users. He is responsible for the problems of exploitation and production; he is also aware of development issues. It is in charge of the supply and the good functioning of the systems, the networks, the BDDs and the materials to the users of the information system and if necessary to the computer scientists. In relation with the experts and the management, and in collaboration with the technical architect, the software architect and the application architect, he participates in the definition of the technical architecture of the IS and its evolution. The proven abilities: • analysis of situations and operation of the IS on a daily basis to ensure its performance, security and total availability (internal and external) • implementation of new solutions • definition, collection of needs and establishment of networks, systems and mobile devices • administration of networks, systems, applications, data media and security • exploitation and deployment of equipment and infrastructures • user support and maintenance of systems, networks, hardware and infrastructure • old technology Opportunities: • computer analyst • system consultant and networks • system engineer and networks • IT manager • operations manager

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