Migrate Google Contacts to Webmail

It's pretty easy to move your contacts over if you haven't been organizing your contacts. They should all be listed as 'contact' or 'my contacts' and you can export them pretty simply.

Start by going to https://contacts.google.com/.

Label 'Other Contacts'

Before exporting your contacts, you should keep in mind that Google will put many of your contacts in to 'Other Contacts' near the trash, at the bottom of the left-hand menu.

Select one contact by clicking the profile picture or circle before their name. Now you are in 'select mode'.

Then click the label icon above, which is two icons over between add contact and email on the same top toolbar. Create a new label and call it something like 'Even More Contacts'. Then follow the direction to export the new 'Even More Contacts' label.

(If you have already moved over the rest of your contacts, you can now export just 'Even More Contacts' or whatever you called it.

No Labels

Head over to https://contacts.google.com/ while logged in as your Snowbank account and at the bottom of the left-side menu, press export. I just exported my contacts as Google CSV, which downloaded no problem.

Next, login to your new webmail, and click contacts. You should see an import button. Upload the file there, and you will have your contacts on your Webmail system.

Many Labels

If on the other hand you have created many labels, the easiest way to get all of them would be to go to Google's Takeout service: https://takeout.google.com/

Before the first checkbox you will see 'Deselect all' on the right side. Click that. Then scroll down to contacts and click that on. Click Export, accepting all the defaults.

If you have only selected contacts, it should be a short wait before a link appears on the page, and you receive an email with the same link. Click the link and download the zip file.

This article described how to move contacts from a Google Workspaces account to a cPanel account using RoundCube webmail. If you are using Horde there may be some slight differences.