To use webmail to check your email in your web browser, go to and click the email icon.

This will bring you to which I recommend you bookmark for the future.

Login with your full email address ( and password.

The first time you sign in, you will be brought to Webmail Home. Here you can choose a few things. I recommend you set your password, choose Roundcube as your webmail client, and make it take you straight to your inbox in the future.

If you are in your email inbox and not the Webmail Home:

Change your password.

Starting from the Webmail Home you will see a number of options. If you are in your email click the orange cP icon at the bottom of the left hand menu (or end of the top-right if you are in HORDE).

Change your password as you see fit.

To go back to the Webmail Home, click the big 'PlanetHoster' image at the top left of the screen.

Set your inbox preference

I recommend you use Roundcube as your main email. In Webmail Home you will see 'Open your inbox' followed by a large logo of Roundcube. That's good. If instead it says Horde, I'd say you should change it:

And don't forget to skip this screen and go right to your inbox in the future:


This should bring you to you new, clean, pretty empy looking mailbox. Not just sit tight and wait for the email to come rolling in.

One Tip

If you want, you can use a plus mailbox. This means that you add a + at the end of your username. All email sent to that mailbox will go in a newly created folder, and skip your inbox.

For example, if your email address is then when you sign up for an email newsletter you can sign up with and when that email comes in it will go to a folder called 'newsletters'.