Why you should improve your memory

Memory is vital. We use it daily and take it for granted. We don’t realize the important function memory has in our lives. Having a great memory is important to our survival, hence we need to take care of our memory. Below are some reasons why:-

It defines who we are

The memories in our lives define who we are. Erase our memories and we will not have any sense of who we are. The experiences of the past determine who we will be or not be in the future. Without a memory of the past, we will find it hard to go forward into the future. We will have to start building relationships again to have a sense of who we are and what we did when we were growing up. Our Memory also helps us take our experiences of the past and build a better future.

It helps us learn

We use our memory to learn new things and develop new skills. Memory is important in school where we memorize a lot of information in order to pass our subjects. Memory is the one what we rely on when it comes to examinations and recitations. But memory is not just for memorizing. Knowledge is also acquired with the use of memory. We learn to do things because of our brain’s work.

It helps us with our jobs

When we get to our work-life we don’t have examinations but we need memory to keep to our schedules and meetings with people. There are professions that rely a lot on excellent memory. E.g. as a secretary you need sharp memory to be on top of your boss’ schedules. As a journalist you need memory to remember statements your interviewees make. As an owner of a manufacturing company, you need to remember all the products that you manufacture, the capital you invest and the income you make etc.

It helps build relationships

People who with no effort remember the names of people are seen as warmer and more intelligent than those who can’t. This is why personal relations employees, those in sales are trained to remember names on an instant as this shows respect and appreciation for others. When people remember our names, we feel a sense of importance and we reciprocate better.

An excellent memory helps people remember birthdays. This is especially true with men who usually forget dates of anniversaries and birthdays. People who remember special dates come across as more thoughtful and more caring as opposed to those who forget. Even if remembering birthdays are not really a sign of love or a measure of love, people still see it that way.

Memory is actually a reflection of our mental processes. Having excellent memory usually means that you have great brain power. Thus, when you are making an effort to better your memory, you are also improving the way you think.

Research has shown that diet and lifestyle can have a major impact on memory too. These are 14 ways to improve your memory naturally:-

  1. Eat Less Added Sugar. ...
  2. Try a Fish Oil Supplement. ...
  3. Make Time for Meditation. ...
  4. Maintain a Healthy Weight. ...
  5. Get Enough Sleep. ...
  6. Practice Mindfulness. ...
  7. Drink Less Alcohol. ...
  8. Train Your Brain.
  9. Cut Down on Refined Carbs
  10. Get Your Vitamin D Levels Tested
  11. Exercise More
  12. Choose Anti-Inflammatory Foods
  13. Consider Curcumin Found in Turmeric Foods
  14. Add some Cocoa to Your Diet

These are just simple and even delicious ways to improve your memory. Exercise your mind and body, enjoy chocolate and reduce the amount of added sugar in your diet – excellent techniques to improve your memory.