OK so I guess I am posting anonymously I *want* to write as my username on here (tm) but I cannot seem to do anything but log-in on this BlackBerry & therefore cannot post to the blog. Logging in: good. Actually posting on that acct: no go. :( But anyway, I am feeling better from what I was going thru yesterday. I am not upset anymore. I am going to see Tayla Tuesday & I am going to move on w/ my life. Dad is having his foot amputated (as it seems) & I am just going w/ it. I am going write about it @ length, I am sure but only on this blog & not as candid as on Twitter (though you will be able to click said blog post on Twitter should you be so inclined). Anyway, I always have & always will like writing little blog posts on this BlackBerry. Just a fun experience. Be back in a bit!