Help Me With My Bio

I've written silly bios in the past for my freelance work and way back for work in theater. I've never written an artist's bio because I have never tried to be an artist. I've decided to join an art show through a local art collective and I need to write a bio. I am so nervous and typically afraid to share things because of my core belief that “I'm not good enough.” So, I would just write this and hand it in without any feedback. However, logically I know collaboration can only make things better. So, please let me know what you think of the following. You can tell me at sikkdays. I'd appreciate any comments. Thanks.

As a video editor, Christopher composed national commercials and focused on motion graphics. As a digital artist he pursued perfection with the voodoo known as undo. Exploring the analog world of paints, wood, and paper, he has become fascinated with the magic of the process. Christopher is now conjuring freely and embracing the spontaneous results. Through his art Christopher is investigating his own mental health. Perfection is unattainable and the pursuit of it results in shame, fear, and anger. Christopher's work is also developing themes of recovery and wellness.