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He went thusly so far down the rabbit hole he found the other side, ~ and now dwells in peace with a rather unique perspective.

— reality-condensate; 2020.day-284:: — [02:00pst]: (wherein i feel invalidated. and present tense am publishing this so you can understand the part at the very end and this isn't long like my usual writing so if that is a bonus, then that is a bonus.)

post on some social space in response to highly intelligent, sensitive person skipping every interesting post i write for almost a few months (and mine same of his) that algorithm is a beast, if he was on my site i would see his postings and we could talk more often!

(i dont use an algorithm to control post order or heirarchy or visibility or post anything, at mytribes.net, which you can read about at mytribes.blog, or just join at mytribes.net, funny that. a free social site, designed by a humanitarian that isn't trying to look cool, or make a buck. weird. yeah it really is that, so if that floats your boat come join us and build rad shit, and just don't be a moron- please. the site terms and conditions are about a paragraph long, and you can find them at the bottom of the site after joining , wherein the icon you click is a middle finger. :D

but back to our scheduled announcement, which is a totally un-scheduled post. by the way, why does write as really have an objection to the prefix “un” and literally anything hyphenated, as well as hunspell/gtkspell/etc ?

ok enough shut up, the post-

when someone asks me about a situational thing or a simple thing to make conversation, and then gets stuck there- its interesting because while its important to them,

i dont care about these things at all, outside of the context of using or improving them

but most of the time i am working on my goals. like.. Any of the big “think” things i write about on facebook that nobody engages me in. hardly.

i dont need them understood, but i do need people to participate, then they will/can understand. this is my problem as an engineer. the coffee just makes itself when i grind it at ratio and put it in hot water, otherwise i dont care dont care thats easy, there is nothing to discuss there.

sure i have coffee, drink it, and have a french press, but so? Evolve the dialogue and feel safe to deep dive with me, I don't give a shit about surface stuff. Say hi and deep dive right away, it's where all the fun is anyway.

the rest of this has valid points but isn't edited because i am busy now and have said this all before:

the stuff i toil and struggle to try and bring to people that nobody talks about when i share her? thats what i want to only spend time engaging comments on.

i like and respect you. but if all you want to talk about is coffee, i respectfully have to let you know i dont have a lot of free time to just chit chat but i see you and hi ! i do want to be friends, i just am very very busy, and very very motivated it takes precidence over everything else, except my relationship with my family, self, and cat.

what i would really value from my friends that come in less frequently is to load my page here, see what i have been up to, and then take action to play along with whatever grabs your attention most- i dont need to hear you post about it, just get in there and participate-

every post i make is either a personal one, but otherwise it's about a project for YOU, and i am talking about it here so you can learn about it, and use it- and make it better or benefit. etc etc etc that would be what i would value, because that would mean you see the real stuff i care about

not making comments about coffee, although those are okay, there needs to be a balance for me, otherrwise i tend to ignore people and characterize them as not being useful to my goals, which aren't for me anyway, the only selfish part is i want to finish, but the projects are for humanity, so i dont know how it could be selfish. lol

if you want to make me happy today, use something i've built for you, or at least try and if you hate it, tell me why because i am interested in making it better. there are no wrong answers, and you dont need to worry about sounding smart telling me the broken-ness.

Here's a secret, I am not smart.

I am just so fucking disciplined and focused, and strategic- I appear to some as a genius. There is no such thing. There are only levels of effort.. I put my all into everything I do.

and in re reading this later, i do want to make everyone aware that in the interest of being transparent, i unleashed my raw thought process earlier, and after sitting with it sub-consciously for several hours, it is funny to come back, and look at this, and observe myself observing my self a few hours ago, fleshing out basic concepts of self validation just like everyone else, which is-0 what i keep telling you. that we are all the fucking same deep down. i am no genius, and that is probably not a real good burger.


and herein a joke, this was not the part at the very end, the part at the very end was about how we are all the same and i tied the full circle situational inversion for you and drew it, characterized the outlying defining parameters of both, if you can see it there. :) #psychology #life #vulnerable #silly #notstupid #stupid doesn't even mean anything.

eventually, you will learn to see that even polarity is ridiculous, and just a simple tool like a pocket calculator, not some huge thing. sure, it exists. and so do the other axioms, and all that. but knowledge is only wisdom if you have the functional and experiential discernment to apply it correctly, otherwise it's just stuff. Information isn't even an appropriate word, but that is not the subject of this entry !

goodbye. :D

(with love, too.)
(ps ps. always.)

// -Omar ~ Be. Do. Actualize. omar@ideamissing.com


I usually have an insanely weird and too smart costume i grow wary of explaining.


Maybe this year my weird costume has a QR-code illuminated by el wire in a transparent buffered waterproof sleeve they point iphone-eo at and can go to the website explaining the concept parts that are the costume. hmm.. (I know how to do this) haha. But yes the costume is usually weird.

Don't believe me? here's an example. otherwise, i just say fuck it and go as myself, which is always fun.

...Like the year I went as a “dead and haunted Christmas tree on the beach in Hawaii;” God it was awful, God it was beautiful, God it was ridiculous, and nobody understood any of it.

[ photographic evidence is unfortunately missing. ]

There were towels, there was EL-wire, there were Christmas tree lights, there was stage makeup, there was a hotel bath robe, (I bought it), there were tinsels and decorations, there were Hawaiian shirts, there was even a lei till it fell off..

Nobody understood the face makeup and the rest of it -

But yeah that kind of costume is a performance art piece- and what it meant and represented that year was the toil of the American bread winner to provide a vacation for their family during the holiday break,

and then to be a happy family member while they get ***** in the wallet for dining out every single meal while on break, which is ironic and the costume was beautiful and biting, and disturbing, hopefully thought provoking. LOL

This was not me below, as I am not a fan of clowns, or look anything like that, but this is usually how i feel at the start of Halloween night on the left, and then at the end i'm like this because i had to explain my costume 30 million times to not seem like an asshole. :-D Trick or Treat ?


// -Omar ~ Be. Do. Actualize. omar@ideamissing.com

*[i wrote this a few days ago, and it is finally eeking its way out.] good afternoon! today is interesting for me.

i woke up late, realized I wasn't dead, like usual- which is always weird. really.

then, i pet the cat, who was on my left. we sat a few minutes, i get out of bed, do a few things, and have a coffee.

after making it of course, grinding the beans, all that- yes no batteries or electricity over here for the coffee... I do it the old ways, and think it tastes better, richer- fuller. hard to describe it.

then, i proceed to clear my throat, and have to say that is making progress, but its amazing how we only think of the body as the part that's breaking usually and think of the rest never. ;) think about that. ha. it will likely rabbit hole you though, you were warned.

so if you dont know me very briefly i had a car accident in 2005 that was very very very bad, then i got jumped walking to work in 2008 by strangers, four of them. then i moved my apartment from downtown san francisco and drove it in a 40ft uhaul to a suburb of los angeles, relegated, penniless, had used the savings, but had a wealth of experiences to process from the bay area, the lifetimes i'd managed to cram into 5 short years-

so then it was only natural, and very painful- for a large number of reasons, to sit around writing a book.

so I did that, because I couldn't even put on my own underwear without falling over, and to this day, that is a bit hard, but I have recently made a little progress a few times. Most days, we should just be glad it's not windy and I don't wear flowing robes. :p

okay so I literally sat around writing... because i couldnt do much else. thank god for my parents who literally saved my ass from being homeless, destitute, and probably full of so many stories i'd appear retarded trying to unpack them to any helpful would be.

Life is fucked up man and not all the time, and not really even that its fucked up- but that it :can become fucked up: . Eh, I don't want to sit around and talk about complexity theory and simulation logic all day, so we will just skip that for now, but – back to the parable of my life:

~ where i sat around writing poetry, and drinking french press, feeling like i was about 96 years old, doing yoga, coughing so loud i was shaking windows constantly, making friends with the neighbors wife and kid since i was home so damn much, and otherwise just smoking too much cannabis looking for some sort of physical relief, from the 30 places or so my neck would crack, back would lock up, and then more coughing, to the point where i was falling over, and could basically not eat on some days, i was so messed up, i just had to sleep.

nobody knew what to do, but everyone was concerned.

This is a slug in a brief conceptual auto bio I'm writing, but I really actually came here to tell you a few other things:

`1. I am honored to be compiling my friend John Kelly's Memoirs,

( or at least it's a series of notes he's written addressed to the world at large, and published consistently on the internet for the last 12 years-) amassing a total of 465 notes—– a tremendous accomplishment.

It is an honor to be tasked and trusted with this, and so far I've backed up 135,300 letters, 24,250 words, and over 1,700 lines... And I've just put about 40 notes in. This is going to be a large book, if SSGT John Kelly decides to publish it , in some capacity. If so, likely the proceeds will go to either a charity or to his daughter. :)

  1. I'm <——– this is supposed to say #2! not #1- i am trying a different editor and its got a mind of its own, look now its auto indented, and stuff. okay “ghostwriter.” i guess you come with extra batteries, or secret sauce.
  2. so i had two other things on that list: but i fogot and im going to just go do them now instead... and happily re-discover them when they come up.
  3. but dont worry , i write shit down.
  4. oh yeah, tell a friend about mytribes today and see if you can get them to sign up and come enjoy growing this community with us.

If you had “any” homework today from me, (which I don't do) it would be to tell one friend about the site, and from a positive frame of mind. Tell them why you like it so far, and use your imagination and envision what your profile and what your station, role and how you are regarded in this community – by other people . . . how do you want people to see you here? how do you want to be seen by everyone assuming the were here? they're the same thing- act as one. and get everyone in here, and then you will see the only thing literally making it boring here was a lack of your own creativity, and imagination,, and a willingness to just put shit down on the page here, and to get your friends to join you.

:) thats the only thing missing here, so get to that or something. and have fun :D


// -Omar ~ Be. Do. Actualize. omar@ideamissing.com



> Presso le rive d'Oceano e il sole cadente c'è l'ultimo lembo d'Etiopia, dove il massimo Atlante regge a spalla a spalla la volta d'ardenti stelle preziosa

// -Omar ~ Be. Do. Actualize. omar@ideamissing.com

I have another blog for this called careconnect.me but its not set up yet, but it will be cool- you will be able to donate to people and see their profiles and read about them, and place a donation to a coordinator who is a person like you or I just trying to help out and do good. It will have pictures, and dates of donations, and little 3-4 minute interview clips with the people if they are interested in having a channel with which to communicate with the world- they may do so through the coordinator or their profile if they have internet access- like a mini youtube- but think a very tightly focused documentary in real time, in the real world, in a very immediate sense-

they will be able to share videos with you and perspectives from their world.

Linking your want to understand homelessness, and their want to be validated as human beings and just understood.... As one- and fufilling a need at the same time, their ability to eat and get by. And your need to understand more, and perhaps form a relationship with one that you identify with, admire, or are fascinated by and find inspiration from. This world is a beautiful place, and the man or woman who is too proud to learn from someone else, of higher or lesser stature, with equal regard and reception for the lesson- ............ You understand. :)


“Imagination” – Painting by Denpong Wongserat.

So instead temporarily since this helps someone else “simply dream,” it fits here today and right now.

My Friend Asha helped a homeless gentleman outside of a grocery store in San Francisco I used to be a patron of, and the story touched me, so I wish to share it with you, and boost the signal of her mission at the same time. :–) It has been a long time since I lived in San Francisco, but I miss it dearly some days, and others not at all.

But those days that I do miss it, I will tell you, it stings straight to the heart like an electric knife, and then punches you right in the guts and the feels too.

That place will leave an indelible mark on a person.. Many marks. I lived about 12 life-times, in the 5 years I resided there. Then the universe said, OKAY! He's had enough! Pull him out... and send 4 random people walking down the street to beat him up, and then he moved home, re-discovered himself, his relationship with the natural world, his parents, therein his parents and him tried to adult, and it was messy- thanks san francisco, for all that perspective.. ha ha ha but so then many moons passed, and we are here today, and everyone gets along- but long long battles were fought, people bled, people got pissed, people had significant space emotionally or otherwise- for periods. But we worked it out. Because that's what you do.

So help this man simply dream, and in this case just get himself fed! So he has a fighting chance at living more days out, and I will tell you this without a shred of a doubt, and I am in tears writing this-

literally streaming-

Not everyone who owns a house is a good person. Not everyone who is homeless is a good person, either. But- when you are able to connect with someone- anyone- house or not, job or not, whatever or not-

it's because you are two human beings that have needs to be met.

and just like you, they're good people who want to improve the world around them in any way they can. Just like you.

I wrote a poem today, that hit me after having an experience outside today. I was stunned and leveled like I had been hit by a 2x4. I knew this already, that we all wanted to be recognized always when we were doing a good deed sure- I had been walking to the ATM, and thinking about “proximal space between people and situational awareness- in general- and how it related to human nature. More specifically, what makes people actually act on something that has complex variables attached to it.

But then I had spotted a gentleman ahead- and It was nice to see someone else out, and so I kept walking towards my destination eventually crossing paths with him, an elderly man- very tall, stocky but put together oddly, and a bit un-settling in appearance not dirty but, just- very very interesting. And not bad at all! I was certain he was a human fellow the entire time, and wanted to just walk by me.

As he got closer, he made a strange eye movement, which was kind of, erm- weirder than he looked- but still, in life, you can be reactive, or you can be active, or you can be the observer, or you can ha there are so many ways.

But I usually am the observer , listener, and thinker- then the doer the rest of the time, the puzzle putter together maker of things that didnt exist guy. But I have to work in the field to get the data a lot of the time! And this next thing that happened is what brought me to tears and answered a few other things I had immediately been thinking about.

HE looked RIGHT at me. And I loved it. But the look was so real, and so true- that it had me just about curled up in a bawl shaking in a corner, somewhere in the fronts-piece of the church nearby me in public view but hopefully hidden sobbing and shaking uncontrollably. I almost went at the knees kind of thing you know? It was weird. Weird because he felt he could be that honest with me, and incredibly humbling. The look that man gave me communicated what felt like the pain of life-times.

But it was also weird, because I'm ... The guy that takes care of everyone when nobody knows what to do and everyone has lost their fucking minds.. I'm that guy.

So this was weird, because I am crying again writing this- but this time- they're tears of gentle understanding, tears of station. . Tears of perspective.

I had tried to greet him, to let him know I knew he was there, and that I had seen him, that he had been seen by at least 1 other human, and validated if he didn't say a single word to anyone- that he knew at least one other person had let him know he existed and that he was observed, alive, and out and about in the sunshine. You ...... would doubt the importance of that, at first...

It made me write a poem.. Though- it shook my very core. Here it is, hope you get it and perhaps connect with it.

I said, “Have a Good Day.” -

I said, “have a good day.”

You are loved. So- Make it a good day.

You're a human man. Just like me. Make it a great day.

Tell someone else. You're a human man. Just like me.

You are loved.
Don't you forget it.

You are love and grace, power and humility.

You are agility, wisdom, and humor in self fashioned humble, honorable elegance.

You're a * human being *, Just like me. And don't you forget it.

next to what I assume would have had

So this is why I ask my friends weird questions. Hopefully, they know what I'm trying to do by now. Just make things better, in general- for everybody; Somehow. (over imaginary brain intercom, brain find tape of cellphone-handset-unlocatable-in-the-network-message-please-thank-you-Hal -

“Please stand by while the party you are trying to reach is located, message A-1.”

Yeah, that's what I thought. Don't feel bad, I dont know the answer to what I'm asking you about, I just want your opinion if you have one, or if it's not uncomfortable to briefly ponder it and let me know, your brain gets a mini puzzle, and my brain gets a part of a bigger puzzle.

Speaking of which, Asha Eden – the woman who is facilitating this fundraiser for Miles, loves puzzles, and so does her son, Malachai.

Here is Asha's Post, so you may help Miles, and perhaps visit Rainbow Grocery for something interesting if need arise.

So today, I want to go to Rainbow 🌈 Grocery in the Mission and deliver some financial prayers to a man named Miles I met who sells the Street Sheet.

I met him last week (on his 65th Birtbday!) at Rainbow grocery wearing a Batman t-shirt and a color changing peace sign headress. Miles is a homeless black man, all Heart ❤️, and reads his Bible daily. He has a cane and can’t walk well due to an artery that ruptured in his right leg while he was on the bus. He lost both of his parents years back and shared with me his heart still hurts because of it. Robby and I gave him a group hug with Malachi which left him in tears and “happier than ever”. He gave us a CD to listen to with my favorite song by Sarah McLaughlin called “Arms of an Angel” on it.

We gave him a few dollars then we had, and I gave him my phone number in case he would like to talk to his parents in Heaven, a session trade for his CD. He asked for Prayer, and I told him I would ask my father’s Parrish to pray for him.

Miles is all smiles. A Beautiful Light-filled Soul. He called me today with a voicemail and a blessing for my family while I was napping. He is asking for financial assistance now, Sweet Man because as he put it, “God does answer Prayers.”

Let’s answer his Prayers!

Here’s what You can do:

  1. Go to Rainbow 🌈 Grocery in the Mission and support this man. Tell him Asha Eden sent You.

  2. If You would like to contribute but cannot go...Venmo me Venmo ~ Me @Asha-Eden and I will make a contribution in Your name in cash and place it in a gratitude 🙏 note for him.

  3. Keep him in Your Prayers. This man has the biggest heart and smile I have ever seen!

Please share! If I tagged You it’s because I believe You will share, pray, or donate.

Love 💗 to You in AllWays! WeAreOne. Xoxo

That was beautiful (!) :–) Donate (this link <— goes straight to Asha's Venmo if you can.

sincerely, Omar or (Ramon Borema) on facebook, formerly the artist known as Ramo Rema. :-p Long story. But now is not the time.

If someone is homeless and asking for food, they're probably hungry! This is where you need to immediately forget everything you were ever taught, look this person directly in the eyes, and feel. Soften your guard for just a moment, and while you are staring eyes locked intent to see the person for whom they really truly are- regardless of smell, or appearance- (showers dont grow outside!–) when you feel it you will kow instantly, and then you can give them money or be polite and go away.

Thats how I used to handle it when I lived in San Francisco, unless the person seemed or was clearly unstable then I just walked very very fast.

You gotta survive, man.

But this post is about Miles, and people like him.

and if you have a few dollars, and you understand how much it absolutely sucks to be hungry- you were drawn here together to help one another.

Simple as that, from how I see it. No strings attached, energy goes where it needs be.. Currency is money is voltage is power is a representational unit etc got it i know you know this already and Miles is needing some voltage in his belly, if you dont mind all my ridiculous word-play.

If you are reading this, and have enough to eat, and a spare dollar or three or 15- send them to this man, so he can fill his belly and rest well. And get up, put his boots on, and see another day, and

// -Omar ~ Be. Do. Actualize. omar@ideamissing.com

I could talk about so many things, but I was looking up some art, and ran into a Chinese wood-cut, and it got the memory wheels spinning.

In October 2005, I was working full time as a professional photographer, with an insane level of visibility to some very important people, it was a tremendous honor to have worked in that capacity, and it was very very very interesting.

In I believe if memory works at all on this, the second weekend of October, and I found an article dated June 17th, of that year- talking about the event shortly coming up but does not mention the date it took place- [here.] (https://www.sfgate.com/entertainment/article/Hong-Kong-painter-s-work-coming-to-S-F-2661933.php),

But a sensibly appropriate and interesting to look at Fang Zhaoling: A Life in Painting, Asian Art Museum of San Francisco– Chong-Moon Lee Centre for Asian Art and Culture, USA artist biography and history here .

But I was able to otherwise track down the event and museum commemoration and my photos of all the people there- took place likely Oct 1st, 2005, as this quote from the San Francisco Asian Art Museum Director illustrates.

“The work of twentieth-century Chinese women artists is now coming into focus,'” writes Asian Art Museum director Emily Sano in her preface to this book, “'illuminating many remarkable stories of talent, resilience, and will.'” One of those stories is that of Fang Zhaoling. “This catalogue of an exhibition of her paintings at the Asian Art Museum of San Francisco from October 1 to November 13, 2005, sheds needed light on her long career, during which she has consistently produced innovative work of charm and distinction. Fang Zhaoling was educated in the techniques of traditional Chinese painting. “ “It is is a testament to her determination and her family's foresight that this was so, for such an education was uncommon for women of her generation.

She continued throughout her life to form important associations and collaborations with leading Chinese painters, and she has played an integral role in the history of modern Chinese painting.”

Crazy, and hard to believe I was there.

It was an honor to meet her 8 grown children, one of which served as the Chief Secretary of Hong Kong, from 1993-2001 – which is the second highest ranking office in the British Colonial Government. Humbled, truly. She was really nice, the brief time we interacted. I did get to address her briefly, and it was an honor, but I forget what I said, besides some kind of compliment about her mothers art- which I think was the only appropriate comment since I'd never spoken with her before.

Anson Chan

Here is her official title, out of respect:

The Honourable

Anson Chan


and here's a bronze bust of her mother the artist, Fong Zhaoling, or Fang Zhaoling, or Lydia Fong, the artist. You can look up her work, it is ** fantastic ** .


// -Omar ~ Be. Do. Actualize. omar@ideamissing.com

and it's not quite right, but it's mostly there.

fixing that tomorrow, but here is the launch announcement:

“www.Link-Link-Link-Link.Link” is a website where you can keep track of the blog-o-sphere as created by Omar Amer, and the various submit.as and write.as projects that are linked either as vehicles for enhanced co-working around building the-realized-network.earth, or around some initiative that involves writing, brain storming, sharing or other things which will be understood by those working on them, and the rest of the team.

write.as 0 views Edit Share Posts Launch: https://www.Link-Link-Link-Link.Link What is Link-Link-Link-Link.Link ? – it's a site to keep track of my write.as and submit.as blog-activities – which consist of actively building a meta modular network architecture on top of and inside of the internet for the future and the present- and other links to various blogs and projects I am involved with, as the site matures and becomes better organized.

Okay, so Dive in !

and realize at the last minute i borked the layout and will fix it tomorrow.

I realize that some of you claim I am hard to keep track of, you are not wrong, and I am aware of this. Hopefully this helps a bit. Each blog on the link link page has a subscription box at the bottom- so you can follow along with a project you like the sound of by email. . once you've subscribed you can expect to see updates without any work on your part! Just read.

But oh, so subtle correction – I'm not hard to keep track of, that's an out-dated matrix. The vision you should hold daily contains everything around you, not just what you're thinking about. That is a more accurate semblance of a true human situational awareness, unfortunately for many a keen sharpening of the senses habitually is something that never occurs to them, or isn't simply seen as a necessity- ever. But this is not ideal, and without getting into it, you're here- you're reading, and that's fucking fantastic.

Link Link is a directory of all my stuff, in one place, and hopefully it's an easy site to navigate, and you find good use in it.


but, ^ : This (I mean that ^ ,) should help. Click the “Linky-Link” above.

And if you want a good laugh, consider the functional metaphor in action.

You are clicking a link,

To a site,

That is full of links, aiming to find purpose, and understanding of what I'm doing here, and you will find-

links to other pages and descriptions of what those pages are.

If it has been hard to understand, that's because I never told you I was building a network. But, now you know so hopefully this all starts to perhaps make some sense.

Link-Link-Link-Link.Link is the personal directory hub, of my projects. Some of them will branch out into their own top level parent projects, and some are involved in other things, but I'm going to try to keep Linky Link as top level and general as possible, and let the rest of the network guide you through it as your needs faciliate your use and participation of it and within it.

But, it has been a very busy day, and rest assured for you other engineering types, all other inter-related and meta-correla are planned to be appropriately assembled into meaningful, functional, efficient, and utiful engines and operant active thought forms in motion. Will your work benefit millions? Will you make a commitment to your life, and to humanity – to work starting today to create a better one?

This isn't hard. We just have to work together and work as teams, and take care of what's important – not problems that were handed to us we didn't create. That's an endless spiral of despair, and it's time we pull humanity collectively out of that and get to work.

Aimin but serves as the beginning announcements and general links page for announcements and information and intake forms and follow along and all manner of other things and inter-correla and eratta but organized appropriately where one would semantically expect it- and yeah hi okay time for relax now, it has been a very busy day.   but it has been fun. go check out www.link-link-link-link.link

published with write.as

// -Omar ~ Be. Do. Actualize. omar@ideamissing.com

I have one of those brains that has two modes... On, off, and electron drift....

Electron drift is a state between passion and the next thing, which is usually a blank spot in the head intentionally so – (where you can remember the last thing but you're not really thinking about it, just happy it finally works... )

But working mode is working mode, not working and face-booking or working and picking your nose or working and eating, when I work things catch on fire i dont give a fuck. im busy dude, and we got plans.

But simultaneously, – i mean i live. i just do that other stuff then go back to my desk and paper and fountain pens and typewriter and laptop.. and synergise endlessly until I am happy enough with it to stop for a while- or my eyes glaze over and I realize I need to stop (also common.) then I eat or do other stuff. and make sure to have stayed away long enough to visualize next steps as I am falling asleep—– this helps a lot the next day.

if i need to do programming or design in my sleep, i do and wake up, handle it and then have usually an entire day to myself because it is literally perfect fit, and then it continues on ward..

but i was thinking about my working style and executive functioning and its actually fucking fascinating – just how many different kinds of expression and forms there are of focus and producing things- among different people, – without getting into it I feel it is marvelous and exciting to ponder casually. :D

here's what I dropped onto the face-o-sphere. I should probably put this under the it happened on Facebook series” which is going to live at https://wtf.omfg.blog so if you want to read about those happenings which is basically me finding something on facebook and giving an opinion on it, with a photo, and the original post, or part of it- then please head over to wtf.omfg.blog and subscribe.

I shall likely make the facebook thing interesting and turn it into an ebook- “what we were doing with our time”

make it interesting , and somehow export the entire thing to a working directory that screenshots oh wait i can just do that shit by hand no scripting required .

just because you can doesn't mean you should. this is a very important part about being an adult.

i have no reason to write a python script that scrapes and screenshots facebook posts by urls i feed it with json schema... while that would be fun someone did it already i bet and while relevant, a screen shot by hand per article is a better solution as i cant get that 18 hours of coding the script back :)

Oh, I did promise you something I just wrote on facebook eh? Its funny because I actually have some work to do.. and its a substantive length post, so here we go, and then off I go, and then back I come, later today.

unedited, so may not flow contextually with above, outside of meta topically.

when i try to ignore that I am an engineer, it fails terribly . . only moments before i'm planning and dreaming something else while simultaneously revisioning other things, i just can't get away from it unless i go sit in front of trees... one project for an up and coming sincere mother and yoga/common sense/addiction/breathwork toolkits type being, (she is launching a global media channel for herself, and it will be a great and likely complicated launch but will look simple and be easy to use and navigate etc :) haha

and well, know know if i am left to my own devices i will just re-engineer everything very slowly which is where im at now, so perhaps you want to pay me to fix some stuff for you, so i can break up all that heavy lifting and do something easier, because while i cannot ascertain any accuracy in my solutions, i am trying to solve problems that affect tens of millions not just fix something up that sends you email when your friend responds... so i am fucking busy over here, and literally have no idea what i am doing, except what it looks like, and some computer and other skills in various categories...

but i do anyway, and press forward fucking relentlessly, and learn as i go... why? do you have a fucking better idea? this is how things get done. discipline. focus. dedication. working on it when you dont know what the hell you are doing and refuse to quit as a commitment to how fucking important it is, but mostly as a working style. Once my teeth are in it, sorry bro- end of story, we have a relationship with a thing and i am an elephant..

so you can see how there would be an endless bunch of problems to solve.... and to have to sort through,

so ive settled on communication mostly for now, or things that operate around it, or make it easier, or making whatever someone is paying me to.... and listening to what THEY want not what I think they said. :-p

// -Omar ~ Be. Do. Actualize. omar@ideamissing.com

it occurred to me nobody really has any idea about anyone unless they grew up with them, and I have no idea how I am percieved in general, but I assume..

Generally one of three things, and this article mini article what-have-you is designed to hopefully alleviate worry or confusion or bring additional clarity to more-so the true motivations and workings of my character surrounding breaking down the perception that:

  • I enjoy thinking like a quantum super computer,
  • I like to think all day
  • I am smart, (I'm not),
  • I am egotistical or conceited
  • I'm mean or I think you're below me.

None of this is true. :)

What is true about me: – I'm humble – I am capable of being smart, – I know a lot of random shit, some useful, some not, some of it links together. – I am so dead simple the guy rocking back and forth in the corner is thinking more than I am at most any given point, period- ever.

How? Meditation for 20 years. But, ...

I mean, here is the long and short of it okay? I am capable of processing and synthesizing and understanding * extremely * complex things most people simply cant. Do I enjoy it? Not really. Does it have a useful outcome when the skill is applied correctly with intention for the correct (short) duration of time, and only to solve a problem that is identified and relevantly useful to solve in the world or a personal context? ** Yes. ** and then I'm done, and go back to thinking nothing at all, which is my * default mode * .

The rest of this blog article is originally a response to my friend, Cheryl Readman who mentioned something about not being that advanced with computing, but was happy to report she had subscribed to my blog here. (or maybe it was the other one), I was * very * excited and honored to see that, and was fixing an other computer issue so have been away from the * social * internet all day. But I am proud of her for figuring out how to subscribe, and I am honored she decided to do so. Any time we can learn something new, and feel good about it- that is a win. No matter what anyone else thinks- If you're having fun and not hurting anyone, rock on Garth.

Okay, so here's the rest of this babble, and its rather long, so I have put it under one of those “Read More” thingies that you click on, and back in the day we called it “a livejournal cut” the rest of the writing was “below the cut” ha! but I still have a dream of making vivejournal.com into a successor better than livejournal, but after seeing what matt has been doing here, and spending a week with it, I was laying in my bed and figured it out.

Matt is designing a content rendering system, not a text inter-operability system. I knew that when I was talking with user_0x78 on #2600 and he kept hammering home this fediverse thing, I initially admit I shyed away because the name is stupid. Federated Universe. Forgive my latin proclivities, it shouldnt need be allowed. We need jump * directly * to creating what we want and using their black magic words to bring it forth, and if we want a fully self governing system that we write in free open source software code and share it with whomever wants to join the network, then that is what will happen.

I knew I was drawn to Matts project for a specific reason. As soon as I saw it, I thought “My GOD FUCK” this is brilliant ! and I wanted to either work with him, or have him work with me, on the-realized-network.earth . because the more I read about the guy, we are trying to do the same thing. build a fully autonomous meta modular suite of everyday life software and install it contextually on top of and into the regular internet wild, but also have other utilities inside of the suite, such as a product that makes sense of the rest of the internet, and seeks to chop down how much data and how complex it is- based on only what you tell it you wish to find, or wish to see.

A simple, extensible easy to browse internet that does the things you'd want it to, and none of the garbage. Perhaps the most treacherous and disasterous thing to sit back and wait for it to stop in the last 30 years has been something my dad told me when I was less than 5 years old- i dont recall where i saw the thing, but i had seen a computer and asked him what it was- he said “omar, that is a computer. as you grow up and become a man, they are going to change the world.”

Fediverse bothers me because it implies semi autonomous. Sorry not interested. I'm only interested in designing fully autonomous software from the user perspective of “data flow” the rest of it, as we know software isnt like water in terms of adaptability, at least in terms of the domain of time and editability through thought. so we will avoid trying to be 100% literal since that is not going to faithfully define and encapsulate in any deliverable form a truety- you cannot have autonmous software until you have software that you can re-design on the fly with your intentions to suit new purpose or adaptation.

the closest thing I can think of is software that respects your data-flow and work-flow and overall ** process autonomy ** and if you cannot do a task as it is configured, it will make inroads to connect you with resources inside the realize network to make it done, or make it so- as captain jean luc picard of star trek would famously say before shit got real, and he brought back order and decency to the USS Enterprise, and some bizarre far flung corner of space. Picard was Warren G's Grandfather, in this sense, but both men made sure that shit got done.

A good engineer is no different, and makes sure that people know it's being worked on, but don't know when it's going to be done, and also don't generally know the engineer is working on it, because the announcement style isn't bragadaccio ridiculous, it just announces the thing, and they forget as life goes on and eventually everyone is surprised on release day.


okay im tangenting my own piece, so i'll stop typing an inserted paragraph which has turned into 8 or so.

Well, as with (it is almost painfully sweet to say this), as with ......everything... the man is right. I cannot actually think of anything off hand that he's been wrong about. There is a bit of selective memory there, but to be honest, when it's not about me, and it originates from him, he's never wrong. It's probably half he never talks about things he doesn't understand, but really- when you ask him, and he's got enough time to answer you- he'll pretty much have an answer for most things, or let you know immediately if he doesn't know or isn't certain.

I wish more people were exactly this way, it really would go a long while in solving a bunch of communication problems.

okay so heres the rest of my long post i wont edit it for continuity to make sense with the above, but just know i wrote what is below about half an hour ago, then thought about it, and wrote the above, and pasted the old one below this colon:

you just inspired a blog entry that i will paste here, but i am also putting up on happy spirit or whatever- ill make a new facebook post about it. but here it is if you want it fresh off the presses. ===== the stuff just plain and simple is by its very nature confusing. its like a natural system, but a surrogate that lives inside a box, and has this thiing we call keyboard attached to it. so yeah it is going to be confusing, the computer mimics natural processes, but does so slightly differently- so the important thing is to have a concrete understanding of what is what when using the thing- as a tool, and then you have no worry at all. the thing i worry about are the kids who grew up connected to computers. they may not have the experiential brain chemistry and wiring from having lived without one until their brains got big. I mean, i started in kindergarten but very limited and on a old 1980s dinosaur. and just for word processing through high school as needed by school or a teacher. i got a cellphone in 11th grade but it was just for emergencies or if i was out late, and was not the focal point of my world, in fact i usuually didnt even know where it was. im not much different today, after the last 12 years in iphone land (i do like gadets but sometimes it takes me a while to see that one isnt really needed or useful) i have reverted after all that 12 years of iphone tinkering, and hacking – i used to make a custom over-all experience for my iPhone, i had changed all the settings, and icons, and the way everything worked, to be fully suuited to my taste, so i was pretty deeply into it. 12 years later i have lost my iphone willfully and literally have NO idea where it went. i just know i never wanted to see it again but to safely put it somewhere not throw it away, and i succeeded. it has been 10 weeks and i have looked really hard, no avail many times. 😃 so i stopped looking also. but yeah, tech is confusing, long and short of it. and the older i get the less i enjoy it, but the more i want to just interact with it functionally at its level, to get it to do things that make regular human life better or slightly enhanced in the speed or utility department, but i have otherwise no use for a computer besides writing, or playing a film, or listening to an album. those three things, a computer does very well, and the level of complexity required to do those things is pretty minimum once you figure it out and set it up. so, thats really about all i do, other than try to build complex things as quickly as possible and get the hell out of dodge, back to simpleton ville. because i dont know what the general outward impression of me is, but i am a very simple minded human being. LOL. no fucking joke man. i can think about complicated things, and understand them very very well, but that does not mean i enjoy it. i dont. i only enjoy the outcome, and only think about complicated things when i feel its going to solve a problem or further solving one im already working on and trying not to think about, letting my intuition take over the process of when i actually write any notes down or spend any time looking at it a new way, etc. otherwise my brain is on autopilot and i dont have worries i dont have desires, i dont have racing thoughts, i basically dont have a damn thing in there at all, and it is really really nice, and how i prefer it.

// -Omar ~ Be. Do. Actualize. omar@ideamissing.com

but i am not about to read it and find out, for it is the end of the day, and i have now to un-wind. . .

  • shared as is, as I found it, as I am closing other windows * :)

For me usually the first thought is, “whoa, I'm still here.” then, where is my cat?

Next we jump pretty quickly to wondering how long it will take out to get out of bed, (and this is probably a consequence of a decade of trying everything to fix traumatic un-invited injuries (car accident, assault, etc- the post here talks about it, among other things:

I have been recovering from a very long term series of catastrophic injuries which have taught me a lot. This is a note to self as I round the corner on finally remedying the root causes that-post

So a common theme for me in the mornings the last decade has basically been “oh shit, I woke up again wow!” and “okay so now how do I get out of bed without suffering? So you can probably not imagine unless you have had a similar tragedy, how much something like this affects every aspect of your life.

Down to how you feel about yourself, and how you interpret the actions of other people.

It's trendy to call this PTSD, but it's a lot more accurate to call it deeply unresolved emotions, and life experiences that did not go as planned, and were contextually becoming deeply meaningful to the person experiencing them. This is not an easy transition to abruptly not having the influence and confluence or ebb and flow of some really good energy that you were learning from or growing together along with as you both experienced things, or what ever the situation looked like- humans are not wired to enjoy the removal of something pleasurable at an undesired time, however we're also wired to figure out how to either get the thing or experience back, re-create our own, or do something entirely different that may or may not include any part of the thing we liked at first.

But PTSD, hey lets call it something else shall we? Lets just not call it anything.

So the thing that happens to a lot of people, is emotions or memories of experiences get stuck.

The likely-hood of this happening increases *quite a bit as you chip away the things that breed security in someones life- routine, sense of station, a place to sleep steadily, a constant supply of food or some indication it's around and find-able, and this kind of thing.

When these stable elements are less consistent or some are missing or so on, you get a higher likeliness of experiencing a scenario.

(I'll finish this after coffee. I woke up late, made tea and it sucks. I'm going to go roast some coffee. By the way, I roast coffee! Yeah. More about that later.

  • and the rest of this entry too )

okay so I came back to this and don't know what i was writing so i will abandon this entry. :D

// -Omar ~ Be. Do. Actualize. omar@ideamissing.com

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