a bit about problem solving and executive styles and a brain shard or two

I have one of those brains that has two modes... On, off, and electron drift....

Electron drift is a state between passion and the next thing, which is usually a blank spot in the head intentionally so – (where you can remember the last thing but you're not really thinking about it, just happy it finally works... )

But working mode is working mode, not working and face-booking or working and picking your nose or working and eating, when I work things catch on fire i dont give a fuck. im busy dude, and we got plans.

But simultaneously, – i mean i live. i just do that other stuff then go back to my desk and paper and fountain pens and typewriter and laptop.. and synergise endlessly until I am happy enough with it to stop for a while- or my eyes glaze over and I realize I need to stop (also common.) then I eat or do other stuff. and make sure to have stayed away long enough to visualize next steps as I am falling asleep—– this helps a lot the next day.

if i need to do programming or design in my sleep, i do and wake up, handle it and then have usually an entire day to myself because it is literally perfect fit, and then it continues on ward..

but i was thinking about my working style and executive functioning and its actually fucking fascinating – just how many different kinds of expression and forms there are of focus and producing things- among different people, – without getting into it I feel it is marvelous and exciting to ponder casually. :D

here's what I dropped onto the face-o-sphere. I should probably put this under the it happened on Facebook series” which is going to live at https://wtf.omfg.blog so if you want to read about those happenings which is basically me finding something on facebook and giving an opinion on it, with a photo, and the original post, or part of it- then please head over to wtf.omfg.blog and subscribe.

I shall likely make the facebook thing interesting and turn it into an ebook- “what we were doing with our time”

make it interesting , and somehow export the entire thing to a working directory that screenshots oh wait i can just do that shit by hand no scripting required .

just because you can doesn't mean you should. this is a very important part about being an adult.

i have no reason to write a python script that scrapes and screenshots facebook posts by urls i feed it with json schema... while that would be fun someone did it already i bet and while relevant, a screen shot by hand per article is a better solution as i cant get that 18 hours of coding the script back :)

Oh, I did promise you something I just wrote on facebook eh? Its funny because I actually have some work to do.. and its a substantive length post, so here we go, and then off I go, and then back I come, later today.

unedited, so may not flow contextually with above, outside of meta topically.

when i try to ignore that I am an engineer, it fails terribly . . only moments before i'm planning and dreaming something else while simultaneously revisioning other things, i just can't get away from it unless i go sit in front of trees... one project for an up and coming sincere mother and yoga/common sense/addiction/breathwork toolkits type being, (she is launching a global media channel for herself, and it will be a great and likely complicated launch but will look simple and be easy to use and navigate etc :) haha

and well, know know if i am left to my own devices i will just re-engineer everything very slowly which is where im at now, so perhaps you want to pay me to fix some stuff for you, so i can break up all that heavy lifting and do something easier, because while i cannot ascertain any accuracy in my solutions, i am trying to solve problems that affect tens of millions not just fix something up that sends you email when your friend responds... so i am fucking busy over here, and literally have no idea what i am doing, except what it looks like, and some computer and other skills in various categories...

but i do anyway, and press forward fucking relentlessly, and learn as i go... why? do you have a fucking better idea? this is how things get done. discipline. focus. dedication. working on it when you dont know what the hell you are doing and refuse to quit as a commitment to how fucking important it is, but mostly as a working style. Once my teeth are in it, sorry bro- end of story, we have a relationship with a thing and i am an elephant..

so you can see how there would be an endless bunch of problems to solve.... and to have to sort through,

so ive settled on communication mostly for now, or things that operate around it, or make it easier, or making whatever someone is paying me to.... and listening to what THEY want not what I think they said. :-p

// -Omar ~ Be. Do. Actualize. omar@ideamissing.com