on computing, semblance of being, and the-realized-network.earth

it occurred to me nobody really has any idea about anyone unless they grew up with them, and I have no idea how I am percieved in general, but I assume..

Generally one of three things, and this article mini article what-have-you is designed to hopefully alleviate worry or confusion or bring additional clarity to more-so the true motivations and workings of my character surrounding breaking down the perception that:

None of this is true. :)

What is true about me: – I'm humble – I am capable of being smart, – I know a lot of random shit, some useful, some not, some of it links together. – I am so dead simple the guy rocking back and forth in the corner is thinking more than I am at most any given point, period- ever.

How? Meditation for 20 years. But, ...

I mean, here is the long and short of it okay? I am capable of processing and synthesizing and understanding * extremely * complex things most people simply cant. Do I enjoy it? Not really. Does it have a useful outcome when the skill is applied correctly with intention for the correct (short) duration of time, and only to solve a problem that is identified and relevantly useful to solve in the world or a personal context? ** Yes. ** and then I'm done, and go back to thinking nothing at all, which is my * default mode * .

The rest of this blog article is originally a response to my friend, Cheryl Readman who mentioned something about not being that advanced with computing, but was happy to report she had subscribed to my blog here. (or maybe it was the other one), I was * very * excited and honored to see that, and was fixing an other computer issue so have been away from the * social * internet all day. But I am proud of her for figuring out how to subscribe, and I am honored she decided to do so. Any time we can learn something new, and feel good about it- that is a win. No matter what anyone else thinks- If you're having fun and not hurting anyone, rock on Garth.

Okay, so here's the rest of this babble, and its rather long, so I have put it under one of those “Read More” thingies that you click on, and back in the day we called it “a livejournal cut” the rest of the writing was “below the cut” ha! but I still have a dream of making vivejournal.com into a successor better than livejournal, but after seeing what matt has been doing here, and spending a week with it, I was laying in my bed and figured it out.

Matt is designing a content rendering system, not a text inter-operability system. I knew that when I was talking with user_0x78 on #2600 and he kept hammering home this fediverse thing, I initially admit I shyed away because the name is stupid. Federated Universe. Forgive my latin proclivities, it shouldnt need be allowed. We need jump * directly * to creating what we want and using their black magic words to bring it forth, and if we want a fully self governing system that we write in free open source software code and share it with whomever wants to join the network, then that is what will happen.

I knew I was drawn to Matts project for a specific reason. As soon as I saw it, I thought “My GOD FUCK” this is brilliant ! and I wanted to either work with him, or have him work with me, on the-realized-network.earth . because the more I read about the guy, we are trying to do the same thing. build a fully autonomous meta modular suite of everyday life software and install it contextually on top of and into the regular internet wild, but also have other utilities inside of the suite, such as a product that makes sense of the rest of the internet, and seeks to chop down how much data and how complex it is- based on only what you tell it you wish to find, or wish to see.

A simple, extensible easy to browse internet that does the things you'd want it to, and none of the garbage. Perhaps the most treacherous and disasterous thing to sit back and wait for it to stop in the last 30 years has been something my dad told me when I was less than 5 years old- i dont recall where i saw the thing, but i had seen a computer and asked him what it was- he said “omar, that is a computer. as you grow up and become a man, they are going to change the world.”

Fediverse bothers me because it implies semi autonomous. Sorry not interested. I'm only interested in designing fully autonomous software from the user perspective of “data flow” the rest of it, as we know software isnt like water in terms of adaptability, at least in terms of the domain of time and editability through thought. so we will avoid trying to be 100% literal since that is not going to faithfully define and encapsulate in any deliverable form a truety- you cannot have autonmous software until you have software that you can re-design on the fly with your intentions to suit new purpose or adaptation.

the closest thing I can think of is software that respects your data-flow and work-flow and overall ** process autonomy ** and if you cannot do a task as it is configured, it will make inroads to connect you with resources inside the realize network to make it done, or make it so- as captain jean luc picard of star trek would famously say before shit got real, and he brought back order and decency to the USS Enterprise, and some bizarre far flung corner of space. Picard was Warren G's Grandfather, in this sense, but both men made sure that shit got done.

A good engineer is no different, and makes sure that people know it's being worked on, but don't know when it's going to be done, and also don't generally know the engineer is working on it, because the announcement style isn't bragadaccio ridiculous, it just announces the thing, and they forget as life goes on and eventually everyone is surprised on release day.


okay im tangenting my own piece, so i'll stop typing an inserted paragraph which has turned into 8 or so.

Well, as with (it is almost painfully sweet to say this), as with ......everything... the man is right. I cannot actually think of anything off hand that he's been wrong about. There is a bit of selective memory there, but to be honest, when it's not about me, and it originates from him, he's never wrong. It's probably half he never talks about things he doesn't understand, but really- when you ask him, and he's got enough time to answer you- he'll pretty much have an answer for most things, or let you know immediately if he doesn't know or isn't certain.

I wish more people were exactly this way, it really would go a long while in solving a bunch of communication problems.

okay so heres the rest of my long post i wont edit it for continuity to make sense with the above, but just know i wrote what is below about half an hour ago, then thought about it, and wrote the above, and pasted the old one below this colon:

you just inspired a blog entry that i will paste here, but i am also putting up on happy spirit or whatever- ill make a new facebook post about it. but here it is if you want it fresh off the presses. ===== the stuff just plain and simple is by its very nature confusing. its like a natural system, but a surrogate that lives inside a box, and has this thiing we call keyboard attached to it. so yeah it is going to be confusing, the computer mimics natural processes, but does so slightly differently- so the important thing is to have a concrete understanding of what is what when using the thing- as a tool, and then you have no worry at all. the thing i worry about are the kids who grew up connected to computers. they may not have the experiential brain chemistry and wiring from having lived without one until their brains got big. I mean, i started in kindergarten but very limited and on a old 1980s dinosaur. and just for word processing through high school as needed by school or a teacher. i got a cellphone in 11th grade but it was just for emergencies or if i was out late, and was not the focal point of my world, in fact i usuually didnt even know where it was. im not much different today, after the last 12 years in iphone land (i do like gadets but sometimes it takes me a while to see that one isnt really needed or useful) i have reverted after all that 12 years of iphone tinkering, and hacking – i used to make a custom over-all experience for my iPhone, i had changed all the settings, and icons, and the way everything worked, to be fully suuited to my taste, so i was pretty deeply into it. 12 years later i have lost my iphone willfully and literally have NO idea where it went. i just know i never wanted to see it again but to safely put it somewhere not throw it away, and i succeeded. it has been 10 weeks and i have looked really hard, no avail many times. 😃 so i stopped looking also. but yeah, tech is confusing, long and short of it. and the older i get the less i enjoy it, but the more i want to just interact with it functionally at its level, to get it to do things that make regular human life better or slightly enhanced in the speed or utility department, but i have otherwise no use for a computer besides writing, or playing a film, or listening to an album. those three things, a computer does very well, and the level of complexity required to do those things is pretty minimum once you figure it out and set it up. so, thats really about all i do, other than try to build complex things as quickly as possible and get the hell out of dodge, back to simpleton ville. because i dont know what the general outward impression of me is, but i am a very simple minded human being. LOL. no fucking joke man. i can think about complicated things, and understand them very very well, but that does not mean i enjoy it. i dont. i only enjoy the outcome, and only think about complicated things when i feel its going to solve a problem or further solving one im already working on and trying not to think about, letting my intuition take over the process of when i actually write any notes down or spend any time looking at it a new way, etc. otherwise my brain is on autopilot and i dont have worries i dont have desires, i dont have racing thoughts, i basically dont have a damn thing in there at all, and it is really really nice, and how i prefer it.

// -Omar ~ Be. Do. Actualize. omar@ideamissing.com