Help fill Miles belly, so he can beam love and simply dream another day. ~

I have another blog for this called but its not set up yet, but it will be cool- you will be able to donate to people and see their profiles and read about them, and place a donation to a coordinator who is a person like you or I just trying to help out and do good. It will have pictures, and dates of donations, and little 3-4 minute interview clips with the people if they are interested in having a channel with which to communicate with the world- they may do so through the coordinator or their profile if they have internet access- like a mini youtube- but think a very tightly focused documentary in real time, in the real world, in a very immediate sense-

they will be able to share videos with you and perspectives from their world.

Linking your want to understand homelessness, and their want to be validated as human beings and just understood.... As one- and fufilling a need at the same time, their ability to eat and get by. And your need to understand more, and perhaps form a relationship with one that you identify with, admire, or are fascinated by and find inspiration from. This world is a beautiful place, and the man or woman who is too proud to learn from someone else, of higher or lesser stature, with equal regard and reception for the lesson- ............ You understand. :)


“Imagination” – Painting by Denpong Wongserat.

So instead temporarily since this helps someone else “simply dream,” it fits here today and right now.

My Friend Asha helped a homeless gentleman outside of a grocery store in San Francisco I used to be a patron of, and the story touched me, so I wish to share it with you, and boost the signal of her mission at the same time. :–) It has been a long time since I lived in San Francisco, but I miss it dearly some days, and others not at all.

But those days that I do miss it, I will tell you, it stings straight to the heart like an electric knife, and then punches you right in the guts and the feels too.

That place will leave an indelible mark on a person.. Many marks. I lived about 12 life-times, in the 5 years I resided there. Then the universe said, OKAY! He's had enough! Pull him out... and send 4 random people walking down the street to beat him up, and then he moved home, re-discovered himself, his relationship with the natural world, his parents, therein his parents and him tried to adult, and it was messy- thanks san francisco, for all that perspective.. ha ha ha but so then many moons passed, and we are here today, and everyone gets along- but long long battles were fought, people bled, people got pissed, people had significant space emotionally or otherwise- for periods. But we worked it out. Because that's what you do.

So help this man simply dream, and in this case just get himself fed! So he has a fighting chance at living more days out, and I will tell you this without a shred of a doubt, and I am in tears writing this-

literally streaming-

Not everyone who owns a house is a good person. Not everyone who is homeless is a good person, either. But- when you are able to connect with someone- anyone- house or not, job or not, whatever or not-

it's because you are two human beings that have needs to be met.

and just like you, they're good people who want to improve the world around them in any way they can. Just like you.

I wrote a poem today, that hit me after having an experience outside today. I was stunned and leveled like I had been hit by a 2x4. I knew this already, that we all wanted to be recognized always when we were doing a good deed sure- I had been walking to the ATM, and thinking about “proximal space between people and situational awareness- in general- and how it related to human nature. More specifically, what makes people actually act on something that has complex variables attached to it.

But then I had spotted a gentleman ahead- and It was nice to see someone else out, and so I kept walking towards my destination eventually crossing paths with him, an elderly man- very tall, stocky but put together oddly, and a bit un-settling in appearance not dirty but, just- very very interesting. And not bad at all! I was certain he was a human fellow the entire time, and wanted to just walk by me.

As he got closer, he made a strange eye movement, which was kind of, erm- weirder than he looked- but still, in life, you can be reactive, or you can be active, or you can be the observer, or you can ha there are so many ways.

But I usually am the observer , listener, and thinker- then the doer the rest of the time, the puzzle putter together maker of things that didnt exist guy. But I have to work in the field to get the data a lot of the time! And this next thing that happened is what brought me to tears and answered a few other things I had immediately been thinking about.

HE looked RIGHT at me. And I loved it. But the look was so real, and so true- that it had me just about curled up in a bawl shaking in a corner, somewhere in the fronts-piece of the church nearby me in public view but hopefully hidden sobbing and shaking uncontrollably. I almost went at the knees kind of thing you know? It was weird. Weird because he felt he could be that honest with me, and incredibly humbling. The look that man gave me communicated what felt like the pain of life-times.

But it was also weird, because I'm ... The guy that takes care of everyone when nobody knows what to do and everyone has lost their fucking minds.. I'm that guy.

So this was weird, because I am crying again writing this- but this time- they're tears of gentle understanding, tears of station. . Tears of perspective.

I had tried to greet him, to let him know I knew he was there, and that I had seen him, that he had been seen by at least 1 other human, and validated if he didn't say a single word to anyone- that he knew at least one other person had let him know he existed and that he was observed, alive, and out and about in the sunshine. You ...... would doubt the importance of that, at first...

It made me write a poem.. Though- it shook my very core. Here it is, hope you get it and perhaps connect with it.

I said, “Have a Good Day.” -

I said, “have a good day.”

You are loved. So- Make it a good day.

You're a human man. Just like me. Make it a great day.

Tell someone else. You're a human man. Just like me.

You are loved.
Don't you forget it.

You are love and grace, power and humility.

You are agility, wisdom, and humor in self fashioned humble, honorable elegance.

You're a * human being *, Just like me. And don't you forget it.

next to what I assume would have had

So this is why I ask my friends weird questions. Hopefully, they know what I'm trying to do by now. Just make things better, in general- for everybody; Somehow. (over imaginary brain intercom, brain find tape of cellphone-handset-unlocatable-in-the-network-message-please-thank-you-Hal -

“Please stand by while the party you are trying to reach is located, message A-1.”

Yeah, that's what I thought. Don't feel bad, I dont know the answer to what I'm asking you about, I just want your opinion if you have one, or if it's not uncomfortable to briefly ponder it and let me know, your brain gets a mini puzzle, and my brain gets a part of a bigger puzzle.

Speaking of which, Asha Eden – the woman who is facilitating this fundraiser for Miles, loves puzzles, and so does her son, Malachai.

Here is Asha's Post, so you may help Miles, and perhaps visit Rainbow Grocery for something interesting if need arise.

So today, I want to go to Rainbow 🌈 Grocery in the Mission and deliver some financial prayers to a man named Miles I met who sells the Street Sheet.

I met him last week (on his 65th Birtbday!) at Rainbow grocery wearing a Batman t-shirt and a color changing peace sign headress. Miles is a homeless black man, all Heart ❤️, and reads his Bible daily. He has a cane and can’t walk well due to an artery that ruptured in his right leg while he was on the bus. He lost both of his parents years back and shared with me his heart still hurts because of it. Robby and I gave him a group hug with Malachi which left him in tears and “happier than ever”. He gave us a CD to listen to with my favorite song by Sarah McLaughlin called “Arms of an Angel” on it.

We gave him a few dollars then we had, and I gave him my phone number in case he would like to talk to his parents in Heaven, a session trade for his CD. He asked for Prayer, and I told him I would ask my father’s Parrish to pray for him.

Miles is all smiles. A Beautiful Light-filled Soul. He called me today with a voicemail and a blessing for my family while I was napping. He is asking for financial assistance now, Sweet Man because as he put it, “God does answer Prayers.”

Let’s answer his Prayers!

Here’s what You can do:

  1. Go to Rainbow 🌈 Grocery in the Mission and support this man. Tell him Asha Eden sent You.

  2. If You would like to contribute but cannot go...Venmo me Venmo ~ Me @Asha-Eden and I will make a contribution in Your name in cash and place it in a gratitude 🙏 note for him.

  3. Keep him in Your Prayers. This man has the biggest heart and smile I have ever seen!

Please share! If I tagged You it’s because I believe You will share, pray, or donate.

Love 💗 to You in AllWays! WeAreOne. Xoxo

That was beautiful (!) :–) Donate (this link <— goes straight to Asha's Venmo if you can.

sincerely, Omar or (Ramon Borema) on facebook, formerly the artist known as Ramo Rema. :-p Long story. But now is not the time.

If someone is homeless and asking for food, they're probably hungry! This is where you need to immediately forget everything you were ever taught, look this person directly in the eyes, and feel. Soften your guard for just a moment, and while you are staring eyes locked intent to see the person for whom they really truly are- regardless of smell, or appearance- (showers dont grow outside!–) when you feel it you will kow instantly, and then you can give them money or be polite and go away.

Thats how I used to handle it when I lived in San Francisco, unless the person seemed or was clearly unstable then I just walked very very fast.

You gotta survive, man.

But this post is about Miles, and people like him.

and if you have a few dollars, and you understand how much it absolutely sucks to be hungry- you were drawn here together to help one another.

Simple as that, from how I see it. No strings attached, energy goes where it needs be.. Currency is money is voltage is power is a representational unit etc got it i know you know this already and Miles is needing some voltage in his belly, if you dont mind all my ridiculous word-play.

If you are reading this, and have enough to eat, and a spare dollar or three or 15- send them to this man, so he can fill his belly and rest well. And get up, put his boots on, and see another day, and

// -Omar ~ Be. Do. Actualize.