I don't think I'd published this, so here it is.

*[i wrote this a few days ago, and it is finally eeking its way out.] good afternoon! today is interesting for me.

i woke up late, realized I wasn't dead, like usual- which is always weird. really.

then, i pet the cat, who was on my left. we sat a few minutes, i get out of bed, do a few things, and have a coffee.

after making it of course, grinding the beans, all that- yes no batteries or electricity over here for the coffee... I do it the old ways, and think it tastes better, richer- fuller. hard to describe it.

then, i proceed to clear my throat, and have to say that is making progress, but its amazing how we only think of the body as the part that's breaking usually and think of the rest never. ;) think about that. ha. it will likely rabbit hole you though, you were warned.

so if you dont know me very briefly i had a car accident in 2005 that was very very very bad, then i got jumped walking to work in 2008 by strangers, four of them. then i moved my apartment from downtown san francisco and drove it in a 40ft uhaul to a suburb of los angeles, relegated, penniless, had used the savings, but had a wealth of experiences to process from the bay area, the lifetimes i'd managed to cram into 5 short years-

so then it was only natural, and very painful- for a large number of reasons, to sit around writing a book.

so I did that, because I couldn't even put on my own underwear without falling over, and to this day, that is a bit hard, but I have recently made a little progress a few times. Most days, we should just be glad it's not windy and I don't wear flowing robes. :p

okay so I literally sat around writing... because i couldnt do much else. thank god for my parents who literally saved my ass from being homeless, destitute, and probably full of so many stories i'd appear retarded trying to unpack them to any helpful would be.

Life is fucked up man and not all the time, and not really even that its fucked up- but that it :can become fucked up: . Eh, I don't want to sit around and talk about complexity theory and simulation logic all day, so we will just skip that for now, but – back to the parable of my life:

~ where i sat around writing poetry, and drinking french press, feeling like i was about 96 years old, doing yoga, coughing so loud i was shaking windows constantly, making friends with the neighbors wife and kid since i was home so damn much, and otherwise just smoking too much cannabis looking for some sort of physical relief, from the 30 places or so my neck would crack, back would lock up, and then more coughing, to the point where i was falling over, and could basically not eat on some days, i was so messed up, i just had to sleep.

nobody knew what to do, but everyone was concerned.

This is a slug in a brief conceptual auto bio I'm writing, but I really actually came here to tell you a few other things:

`1. I am honored to be compiling my friend John Kelly's Memoirs,

( or at least it's a series of notes he's written addressed to the world at large, and published consistently on the internet for the last 12 years-) amassing a total of 465 notes—– a tremendous accomplishment.

It is an honor to be tasked and trusted with this, and so far I've backed up 135,300 letters, 24,250 words, and over 1,700 lines... And I've just put about 40 notes in. This is going to be a large book, if SSGT John Kelly decides to publish it , in some capacity. If so, likely the proceeds will go to either a charity or to his daughter. :)

  1. I'm <——– this is supposed to say #2! not #1- i am trying a different editor and its got a mind of its own, look now its auto indented, and stuff. okay “ghostwriter.” i guess you come with extra batteries, or secret sauce.
  2. so i had two other things on that list: but i fogot and im going to just go do them now instead... and happily re-discover them when they come up.
  3. but dont worry , i write shit down.
  4. oh yeah, tell a friend about mytribes today and see if you can get them to sign up and come enjoy growing this community with us.

If you had “any” homework today from me, (which I don't do) it would be to tell one friend about the site, and from a positive frame of mind. Tell them why you like it so far, and use your imagination and envision what your profile and what your station, role and how you are regarded in this community – by other people . . . how do you want people to see you here? how do you want to be seen by everyone assuming the were here? they're the same thing- act as one. and get everyone in here, and then you will see the only thing literally making it boring here was a lack of your own creativity, and imagination,, and a willingness to just put shit down on the page here, and to get your friends to join you.

:) thats the only thing missing here, so get to that or something. and have fun :D


// -Omar ~ Be. Do. Actualize. omar@ideamissing.com