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I usually have an insanely weird and too smart costume i grow wary of explaining.


Maybe this year my weird costume has a QR-code illuminated by el wire in a transparent buffered waterproof sleeve they point iphone-eo at and can go to the website explaining the concept parts that are the costume. hmm.. (I know how to do this) haha. But yes the costume is usually weird.

Don't believe me? here's an example. otherwise, i just say fuck it and go as myself, which is always fun.

...Like the year I went as a “dead and haunted Christmas tree on the beach in Hawaii;” God it was awful, God it was beautiful, God it was ridiculous, and nobody understood any of it.

[ photographic evidence is unfortunately missing. ]

There were towels, there was EL-wire, there were Christmas tree lights, there was stage makeup, there was a hotel bath robe, (I bought it), there were tinsels and decorations, there were Hawaiian shirts, there was even a lei till it fell off..

Nobody understood the face makeup and the rest of it -

But yeah that kind of costume is a performance art piece- and what it meant and represented that year was the toil of the American bread winner to provide a vacation for their family during the holiday break,

and then to be a happy family member while they get ***** in the wallet for dining out every single meal while on break, which is ironic and the costume was beautiful and biting, and disturbing, hopefully thought provoking. LOL

This was not me below, as I am not a fan of clowns, or look anything like that, but this is usually how i feel at the start of Halloween night on the left, and then at the end i'm like this because i had to explain my costume 30 million times to not seem like an asshole. :-D Trick or Treat ?


// -Omar ~ Be. Do. Actualize. omar@ideamissing.com