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— reality-condensate; 2020.day-284:: — [02:00pst]: (wherein i feel invalidated. and present tense am publishing this so you can understand the part at the very end and this isn't long like my usual writing so if that is a bonus, then that is a bonus.)

post on some social space in response to highly intelligent, sensitive person skipping every interesting post i write for almost a few months (and mine same of his) that algorithm is a beast, if he was on my site i would see his postings and we could talk more often!

(i dont use an algorithm to control post order or heirarchy or visibility or post anything, at mytribes.net, which you can read about at mytribes.blog, or just join at mytribes.net, funny that. a free social site, designed by a humanitarian that isn't trying to look cool, or make a buck. weird. yeah it really is that, so if that floats your boat come join us and build rad shit, and just don't be a moron- please. the site terms and conditions are about a paragraph long, and you can find them at the bottom of the site after joining , wherein the icon you click is a middle finger. :D

but back to our scheduled announcement, which is a totally un-scheduled post. by the way, why does write as really have an objection to the prefix “un” and literally anything hyphenated, as well as hunspell/gtkspell/etc ?

ok enough shut up, the post-

when someone asks me about a situational thing or a simple thing to make conversation, and then gets stuck there- its interesting because while its important to them,

i dont care about these things at all, outside of the context of using or improving them

but most of the time i am working on my goals. like.. Any of the big “think” things i write about on facebook that nobody engages me in. hardly.

i dont need them understood, but i do need people to participate, then they will/can understand. this is my problem as an engineer. the coffee just makes itself when i grind it at ratio and put it in hot water, otherwise i dont care dont care thats easy, there is nothing to discuss there.

sure i have coffee, drink it, and have a french press, but so? Evolve the dialogue and feel safe to deep dive with me, I don't give a shit about surface stuff. Say hi and deep dive right away, it's where all the fun is anyway.

the rest of this has valid points but isn't edited because i am busy now and have said this all before:

the stuff i toil and struggle to try and bring to people that nobody talks about when i share her? thats what i want to only spend time engaging comments on.

i like and respect you. but if all you want to talk about is coffee, i respectfully have to let you know i dont have a lot of free time to just chit chat but i see you and hi ! i do want to be friends, i just am very very busy, and very very motivated it takes precidence over everything else, except my relationship with my family, self, and cat.

what i would really value from my friends that come in less frequently is to load my page here, see what i have been up to, and then take action to play along with whatever grabs your attention most- i dont need to hear you post about it, just get in there and participate-

every post i make is either a personal one, but otherwise it's about a project for YOU, and i am talking about it here so you can learn about it, and use it- and make it better or benefit. etc etc etc that would be what i would value, because that would mean you see the real stuff i care about

not making comments about coffee, although those are okay, there needs to be a balance for me, otherrwise i tend to ignore people and characterize them as not being useful to my goals, which aren't for me anyway, the only selfish part is i want to finish, but the projects are for humanity, so i dont know how it could be selfish. lol

if you want to make me happy today, use something i've built for you, or at least try and if you hate it, tell me why because i am interested in making it better. there are no wrong answers, and you dont need to worry about sounding smart telling me the broken-ness.

Here's a secret, I am not smart.

I am just so fucking disciplined and focused, and strategic- I appear to some as a genius. There is no such thing. There are only levels of effort.. I put my all into everything I do.

and in re reading this later, i do want to make everyone aware that in the interest of being transparent, i unleashed my raw thought process earlier, and after sitting with it sub-consciously for several hours, it is funny to come back, and look at this, and observe myself observing my self a few hours ago, fleshing out basic concepts of self validation just like everyone else, which is-0 what i keep telling you. that we are all the fucking same deep down. i am no genius, and that is probably not a real good burger.


and herein a joke, this was not the part at the very end, the part at the very end was about how we are all the same and i tied the full circle situational inversion for you and drew it, characterized the outlying defining parameters of both, if you can see it there. :) #psychology #life #vulnerable #silly #notstupid #stupid doesn't even mean anything.

eventually, you will learn to see that even polarity is ridiculous, and just a simple tool like a pocket calculator, not some huge thing. sure, it exists. and so do the other axioms, and all that. but knowledge is only wisdom if you have the functional and experiential discernment to apply it correctly, otherwise it's just stuff. Information isn't even an appropriate word, but that is not the subject of this entry !

goodbye. :D

(with love, too.)
(ps ps. always.)

// -Omar ~ Be. Do. Actualize. omar@ideamissing.com