Today We Launched: https://www.Link-Link-Link-Link.Link

and it's not quite right, but it's mostly there.

fixing that tomorrow, but here is the launch announcement:

“www.Link-Link-Link-Link.Link” is a website where you can keep track of the blog-o-sphere as created by Omar Amer, and the various and projects that are linked either as vehicles for enhanced co-working around building, or around some initiative that involves writing, brain storming, sharing or other things which will be understood by those working on them, and the rest of the team. 0 views Edit Share Posts Launch: https://www.Link-Link-Link-Link.Link What is Link-Link-Link-Link.Link ? – it's a site to keep track of my and blog-activities – which consist of actively building a meta modular network architecture on top of and inside of the internet for the future and the present- and other links to various blogs and projects I am involved with, as the site matures and becomes better organized.

Okay, so Dive in !

and realize at the last minute i borked the layout and will fix it tomorrow.

I realize that some of you claim I am hard to keep track of, you are not wrong, and I am aware of this. Hopefully this helps a bit. Each blog on the link link page has a subscription box at the bottom- so you can follow along with a project you like the sound of by email. . once you've subscribed you can expect to see updates without any work on your part! Just read.

But oh, so subtle correction – I'm not hard to keep track of, that's an out-dated matrix. The vision you should hold daily contains everything around you, not just what you're thinking about. That is a more accurate semblance of a true human situational awareness, unfortunately for many a keen sharpening of the senses habitually is something that never occurs to them, or isn't simply seen as a necessity- ever. But this is not ideal, and without getting into it, you're here- you're reading, and that's fucking fantastic.

Link Link is a directory of all my stuff, in one place, and hopefully it's an easy site to navigate, and you find good use in it.

but, ^ : This (I mean that ^ ,) should help. Click the “Linky-Link” above.

And if you want a good laugh, consider the functional metaphor in action.

You are clicking a link,

To a site,

That is full of links, aiming to find purpose, and understanding of what I'm doing here, and you will find-

links to other pages and descriptions of what those pages are.

If it has been hard to understand, that's because I never told you I was building a network. But, now you know so hopefully this all starts to perhaps make some sense.

Link-Link-Link-Link.Link is the personal directory hub, of my projects. Some of them will branch out into their own top level parent projects, and some are involved in other things, but I'm going to try to keep Linky Link as top level and general as possible, and let the rest of the network guide you through it as your needs faciliate your use and participation of it and within it.

But, it has been a very busy day, and rest assured for you other engineering types, all other inter-related and meta-correla are planned to be appropriately assembled into meaningful, functional, efficient, and utiful engines and operant active thought forms in motion. Will your work benefit millions? Will you make a commitment to your life, and to humanity – to work starting today to create a better one?

This isn't hard. We just have to work together and work as teams, and take care of what's important – not problems that were handed to us we didn't create. That's an endless spiral of despair, and it's time we pull humanity collectively out of that and get to work.

Aimin but serves as the beginning announcements and general links page for announcements and information and intake forms and follow along and all manner of other things and inter-correla and eratta but organized appropriately where one would semantically expect it- and yeah hi okay time for relax now, it has been a very busy day.   but it has been fun. go check out

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