The Log of the man, the myth, the SinBot.

Corruption of the ideal is the greatest misfortune.

To aim for the most noble ideal you can – is this not Godliness?

Try it. You're a dead man anyway. Let's give it all.

PMO is not about powers. It's about sacrifice towards a higher ideal. It's about sublimation.

I suppose massive sacrifice will have to be made. But meaningful sacrifices. In the pursuit of something.

You don't just sacrifice for the sake of sacrifice.

Just as you cannot prize your own intellect – you can't just prize others. Think critically, and see others' ideas as what they are – ideas.

You will never encounter the word of God in direct words.

The Matthew Principle – to these have everything, more will be given. To those who have nothing, all will be taken.

Momentum is important.

Be a heroic servant of God. Act as if you were responsible for taking care of yourself and levelling yourself up – i.e, dispassionate, righteous action.

Do not do, say, or think that which makes you weak. Observe reality without shrivelling.

Hyper-intellectualism is akin to Satanism – worship of the intellect. The intellect is a tool – not the end of all being.

Social outings are good. It gives a concrete end to your workday, forcing you to be more effective with your timings. Parkinson's law – give yourself a hard end to your workday.

DR – Good on Neuton front with user interview. Could have better focus though. Must remove mirror checks due to the idolatry of self.

You are consciousness. Take care of your character appropriately.

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