Busy summer

Oh my, it has been awhile! Between camping, volunteering at the garden, taking lots of bike rides through the woods, and spending time at the beach, I have not dedicated a whole lot of time to writing. I am still steadily working my way through the OBOD gwersi, celebrating the passing of the seasons, and doing my best to observe the world around me.

I did want to mention that I recently finished reading Braiding Sweetgrass which I really enjoyed. It gave me a lot to think about when it comes to gratitude and my perceptions of what good things human people can do for the earth.

The fig tree is producing a ton of fruit this year, which means most of them are going to the bugs, squirrels, and my newest dog really seems to enjoy them, too. I'm hoping to oven-dry some of them for later, since I'm not a huge fan of fresh figs. I may even try my hand at some very simple fig jam! Although most of the bugs the rotting fruit attracts are stinging insects, we did get a lovely visitor yesterday!

Red-spotted purple admiral butterfly


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