Skeptical Druid


This was my second month volunteering at the garden, and I enjoyed it just as much as the first (if not more, because it was warmer this go-around). The work was pretty straightforward, but I took lots of photos, so I'll share those here!

We planted onions; lots of them!

Rows of young onion plants.

There was a lot of yarrow growing where it shouldn't be (the asparagus garden), so we weeded that out.

Big bunch of yarrow growing in mulch.

Did you know passion fruit sells for $8/quart? They grow best on a trellis, so that'll go overtop the asparagus garden later this year.

Passion flowers with a sign that labels them.

There were lots of these neat-looking centipedes while I was weeding the asparagus garden.

Black and yellow centipede in mulch.

I took a bunch of the yarrow home with me, so it's now part of my little herb garden. I also planted some basil seeds in the same container, so hopefully they'll take off like they did last year.

Yarrow planted in a rail container.


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