About Your Humble Storyteller

I started this “blog” thingie because my entire life I've been a magnet for shenanigans. These shenanigans were multiplied when I decided to become a full-time traveler back in 2004. That's right, before the “remote work”, “lifestyle design”, “permanent traveler” revolution got started. (Wow, that's the most hipster thing I've ever said!)

Last year I decided to start writing these stories down so that hopefully, someday, they could be assembled into some kind of humorous collection of what not to do with your life if you want people to take you seriously.

I intended for these stories to be written live, whilst traveling, for the most part...kinda like your ol' run-o-the-mill travel blog. But soon I realized that I've got 14 years of solid-gold mayhem to share!

Everything is extremely disorganized right now, so stories will be added in frustratingly non-chronological order as I dig them out of their dusty boxes, hard drives, and balled-up napkins.

I've only just begun the process of sorting, transcribing, and piecing these memories together, so hopefully, with time, things will start making a little more sense.

Against my better judgement, I've also decided to sprinkle in a healthy dose of philosophical, sociological, and political ramblings here. One of the reasons I decided to do this is simply because I'm a huge nerd and study these and many more subjects in my spare time and would like an outlet where I can weave them all together. But, moreover, they will be here for context, as I consider them quite useful in fleshing out this blog and its ideas to the reader.

Traveling has educated and changed me in ways I cannot even begin to describe. I believe if one wants perspective on life and the world, first and foremost, one should study history, but if you're still thirsty for more, traveling will endow you with a better education than any university could. Ever. Period.

Some of these stories I never intended to see the light of day but, what the hell?


The Weirdo