Lonely morning, it's late when I wake up Empty bed and an empty teacup I hear the thunder and I open up the window And I see rain, like tears falling down yay yay yay

Gotta get out, I say to myself And I see people as I drive by Hand in hand and happy faces Now is that something, I won't see in my life

We.... were meant to be together Life was meant to seem so better And Why did you do things you did And how is it that things got bitter

Dreams, were they meant to be shattered (All) around, I see promises littered So, thanks for taking all the time To prove, for you love doesn't matter

I am at my desk, I am staring at the blank screen There's no one around to hear me shout and scream It's ok though, I know I will survive This is what it takes for me to realize.....

Love is contrived